Our mission is to help young people (and the people who care about them) live their best lives.

Who We Are

The Shift is a conversation-starting, stigma-busting community & content platform to discover mental health and wellbeing. We are a collection of digital natives, nomads and creators: storytellers, filmmakers, mental health activists, journalists, speakers, impact producers, writers, influencers, mental health experts, designers, strategists, and everyday lived-experienced mental health havers.  



What We Do


  • We create, curate and celebrate powerful and relatable content about mental health, struggles, strength and wellbeing.
  • We meet teens + young adults wherever they are in their mental health journey.
  • We provide a vehicle for self-expression and community.
  • We deliver short, effective videos and digital content featuring tools and resources to use for the moment, the day, month, year – for life. 



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