Our mission is to start accessible conversations about mental health so young people

(and the people who care about them) can live their best lives.

We are everyday lived-experienced mental health havers

who have something useful to say about it.

    Who We Are

    The Shift is a conversation-starting, stigma-busting community and growing platform to discover mental health and wellbeing.

    We are a collection of well traveled digital natives, nomads and creators.

    Storytellers, activists, filmmakers, and strategists. Speakers, producers, experts and influencers.

    We meet teens and young adults wherever they are in their

    mental health story and provide a vehicle for self-expression and community.

    What We Do

    The Shift activates young people to talk about mental health, discover what’s important to them, engage with tools and resources, and prioritize their wellbeing.

    We elevate voices of everyday explorers and lifelong advocates alike by creating and curating relatable content, leading to exercises, options and strategies anyone can try on and use for a moment or for life.