Candid conversations

that put young people in

the starter seat

Hear mental health advocates and champions discuss the coping skills and connections that make the biggest difference to them.

Season Finale! Hosts Adrienne and Arjun recap on some key takeaways from this season.

How to deal with bullies, forgive them and move on with Digital Creator and CEO of Self Made Mastery, Adrienne Finch.

Finding resources in a small town with mental health activists Aubree Schmitt & Arjun Malhotra.

How to be a first responder for others when they need help with mental health activist, Sonia Doshi.

Actress Ada Luz Pla shares how she overcame the shame of asking for help and sought therapy.

Actress Brenda Banda shares her approach to well being & handling her mental health.

Share a scoop with comedian, Andy Lalwani as he talks about his mental health journey with coming out as a teen. 

Q&A with The Shift Co-founder and former LCSW Mary Albertoli

Real talk about therapy with filmmaker & MentaliTea podcast host, Camara Rauen 

Featuring Emmy-winning actress, entrepreneur & philanthropist, Fernanda Kelly, on the pressures of unrealistic beauty standards.

Strategies for Living with Anxiety & Depression with Songwriter/Recording Artist, Jessica Louise

Thriving with ADHD, featuring Photographer & Brand Content Creator, Lexus Gallegos

Tackling Mental Health through Technology with NotOK App Co-Creators, Hannah & Charlie Lucas

Eating Disorder Recovery with NYU YouTube Content Creator, Caroline Prokos

The Power of Conversation with Writer & Community Organizer, La-Iya

Mental Health during Covid19 with Writer, Comedian & Musician, Elijah Gordon

Creating a Space for a Mental Health Community with It’s Not A Gallery Founders, Kade Clemensen & Carla Genovesi

The Influence of Culture on Mental Health Conversations with Bollywood Singer, Arjun Malhotra

The Power of Listening with Youth Mental Health Activist & Former Teen Line Counselor, Wyatt Sarkisian

The Affordability & Accessibility of Treatment with RAD Founder, Jason Docton

The Impact of Current Events on Teen Mental Health with Music Producer/LGBTQ Rights Activist, Nhandi



*If you’re under 18, you’ll need your parent or legal guardian’s permission.