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Mary Albertoli

About Mary

A MSW in Social Work from Columbia University with over 12 years of
experience working with children, adolescents and adults suffering with mental illness. Founder of The Shift Foundation Inc. out of Long Beach in Los Angeles County, and on a mission to reach kids, teens, young adults, and the people who care about them with the message that they aren’t alone, and there is a way to find a community that cares about you.

Why I care?

I have suffered with anxiety and depression since adolescence and know, firsthand, how stigmas and being labeled “broken” never serves to empower people to reach a higher level of living. It’s high time we shift these conversations into empowering ones.

Why Shift Now?

Suicide and homicide rates are at epidemic proportions and the time to act is NOW. As a social worker, I’ve seen that the pressure we place on ourselves and on teens to be normal is relentless. Whoever said that having a mental health issue is not normal? We have all dealt with suffering in our lives – it is unavoidable. However, it’s in the way we view and relate to each other around mental health issues that makes all the difference.

Press Contact

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