The Shift

What You Get When You See Leaves As Money

I stepped into the lovely fall day and was surrounded by leaves. Leaves on the trees, leaves falling like rain, leaves covering every surface on the ground. It was a stunningly beautiful sight! For the next few hours I blew leaves into piles, raked leaves into more piles, and carted leaves to the edge of our lawn to add to the millions of leaves already blanketing the “forest” part of our property. As I moved hundreds and hundreds of leaves to their resting place and marveled at the abundance of leaves a “what if” question formed in my thought. What if we believed that leaves were currency? What if we traded leaves for our food and leaves paid our rent and our mortgages?

Dissolving Fear-STS96-Beca Lewis and Delbert Piper

Where does fear come from , what does fear produce, and how do we rise above it? In answering these questions Del and I explore the speed of light, the idea of freedom, the number 7, escape velocity, the world of thought, and relativity. And much more! Come with us as we discover ways to dissolve fear, which of course automatically shifts the story.

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