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Not A Twenty Chipmunk Problem-STS104-Beca Lewis

For a long time I excused them by saying, “But they are so cute. And they keep the mouse and shrew population down.” For anyone not living in shrew territory. It’s not a harsh term for an angry woman, I am talking about those little buggers that dig in your garden. If you actually see one (they are very elusive) they look like a big mouse. However, after awhile, their cuteness and usefulness was not making up for the fact that they were everywhere. They ran in and out of the garage, ate the bird seed that fell to the ground, and dug so many holes it looked like a giant with spiked golf shoes walked through it. Still, I said, “They are so cute,” while muttering under my breath that I had to get rid of them. But, by then there were so many I had no idea what to do so I did nothing. I just kept saying, “But they are so cute!” My particular problem really was cute. Many problems aren’t but I think what happened can be applied to any problem that has appeared to have grown out of control. Listen to the podcast to hear[...]

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Because It’s Not Alright

John Lennon said, “Everything will be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright it’s not the end.” I could add this to the many things that John Lennon said that reminds us that we have the power, right, imagination, and ability to shift people, places, and things towards good and away from the precipice of disaster. In the midst of the lying, cheating, and manipulation by the people we are supposed to look up to as leaders, we have to individually take back our own power and do good in spite of the craziness all around us. Watching people helping people during the devastating disasters that have traveled across the country, from floods, to fires, to mass shootings, we know that it is people and their basic drive to be good and kind that can change the atmosphere of lies, positioning, and greed that has become so terrible[...]

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