In October We Experience Its Beautiful Song On Faith

October sings a song. If you listen deeply, you might hear it. In the northern hemisphere, it follows the Beatles’ song, “Let it Be,” with just a one-word change. The trees sing it, the plants sing it, the birds sing it, the flowers sing it. The wind sings it. They all sing, “Let It Go.” Not let-it-go as a sad, lonely idea. Let it go as a beautiful explosion of color and textures. We think letting go is hard because we hold on so hard. I have been practicing sitting in a lotus pose as I do my morning meditation. It’s usually early in the morning so at first, my knees feel as if they are up to my waist. As I practice, I silently sing the October song to myself, “Let It Go.” Slowly my knees lower. And then, finally I let go, and in letting go, I notice that I was working hard to keep my knees up in the air. I was holding on. We work to hold on to things. Ideas. Stuff. People. Memories. Emotions. We work hard to remain still and stationary even though we think we are progressing. There is that last little hold-on-to that we maintain.


What Reality Do You Live In Really- Two – STS71

As I listened to this podcast to prepare it for its re-release, I was caught up again in the simplicity of consciously choosing the reality we want to experience. Of course, it means we have to know ourselves well enough to make that shift, but we always have the right, and ability to do so. The why of its importance is sometimes so obvious we forget, and that’s what I think this series does - reminds us of the reasons, and the outcome. Once again, Del and I cover a multitude of subjects, including hypnotism, struggle, states of perception, and what happens when we shift. What changes? It’s a subtle but important answer. Since we do get to choose the reality we perceive, let’s bring ourselves to the point of view of the best reality we can imagine. In this way, we might touch the edge of big R Reality, and experience some of the infinite of its care for all of its expressions, unlimited and consistent care.

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