It’s Something Only You Can Do

Back in the city for a conference, I remember what it was like to live in one. East-side Chicago and downtown Los Angeles, my home for ten years, have different views but are the same in many ways. Everyone is going somewhere. Runners, walkers, people heading to work, visitors, shopkeepers, homeless, all together. Energy everywhere. Beautiful buildings. Tiny stores and restaurants tucked into places you least expect. Diversity, getting along. When I lived in Los Angeles, I never thought about mass deaths. In Chicago, after the horrendous things happening around the world, I did. On the stage, at the conference I was attending, more than one black person told stories of how life was, and is, for them. Different than mine growing up in a small college town where white was all I knew, and safety was taken for granted. I heard the idea that stories would be the only thing that changes people’s minds, and how things are ...READ MORE


Why You Can Be Excited About Change with Les Roberts

I met my guest Les Roberts at a writers retreat. An author with thirty-three books to his name, he was there to teach us how to write good characters. But, he did more than that. He shared marvelous stories that captured us all as we listened. He even played the piano one night while another writer sang beautifully.Les shares how he writes, why he writes, and the how and why of the shift he made to move from a successful career in Los Angeles to choosing to moving to Cleveland, Ohio. If you have ever thought about making a shift or two in your life, and worried about what the outcome might be … listen to Les, as we shift the story, together.

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