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This is the community and system that is designed to support and sustain the shift from life stories that don’t work, to ones that do. The Shift is the practice of shifting perception from a material point of view to a spiritual point of view. The marriage of spirituality and practicality. What we perceive to be reality magnifies – let’s magnify the omnipresence of Good. I am looking forward to spending time with you, and shifting lives together.

Live By Intent Not Resolutions-STS-109-Beca Lewis

Del and I have been watching the Netflix series called The Crown. It’s so interesting to see the story of Queen Elizabeth’s life. As I watch it my admiration for Queen Elizabeth has grown tremendously. I suppose I was like other people in America, barely registering that there is a Queen, wondering how old is she anyway, and perhaps thinking that the phrase, It’s good to be queen is actually true. Now I know it’s not. The life of being a queen wasn’t one that Elizabeth chose. She was born to it. Imagine a life planned for you. There is no choice. You will be queen. You will become an Institution more than a person. What if you wanted to be a dancer, or an artist, or back pack through Europe and sleep on friends couches. What if you wanted to live in a tiny house, be a musician, disappear from the world? None of that would be possible. Instead Queen Elizabeth lives and governs bound by rules set up for centuries, and by mostly men. Within the confines of a life chosen for her, we can see she lives by intention. The intention to be both a good queen,[...]

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You Can Be A Life Artist

One day I heard my grandmother talking. Kinda weird since Mimi has been gone for years. Although sometimes I smell cigarette smoke when there is no one around and I think, “Hey, maybe Mimi is watching over me.” But, it was her voice I heard that day. Mimi was amazing in many ways. Full of life, energetic, protective of her grandchildren. But, like the rest of us, she had her flaws, and one of them was keeping a running complaint under her breath about the maintenance of life. That’s what I heard. I heard her complaining about the dishes, the cleaning, the wash; you know what I mean. The problem was, it was not her voice doing the talking, it was mine. What I wanted to be doing was sitting in the chair by the fire reading. Or writing the book I want to finish, or drawing another illustration. Anything[...]

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