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What Is The One Thing You Want To Accomplish?

The road into the campground went right by the building where we worked. There was an outer room where visitors entered for their appointment to see one of us. A phone sales team had called them and set the appointment. They had come to learn about owning a membership in the campground. We were on a number system. “You’re next,” was the call to put down whatever we were doing to distract ourselves. It was our turn to sell the prospect, usually a couple, the value of belonging. It was 2001. Del and I had moved to Ohio for a short time to see his family, but I needed to work in the meantime. Years before I had decided that if I knew how to sell, I would always have a job. That turned out to be true in this case. I was hired the day I applied. While we waited for our turn to talk to a prospect, the rest of the sales team spent their time either gossiping or smoking or trying to grab a few moments of sleep. I was busy on my computer.

Sing Yourself Well-STS98-Ulrike Selleck

Have you ever met someone so full of life that while talking to them you couldn’t stop giggling or laughing with joy? That’s what happened to me while talking to my guest. Ulrike just blew me away with her stories and happiness about meeting God when she was five years old and later healing thyroid cancer by expressing herself. Die or come alive – that was the message. In this shift the story podcast Ulrike will brighten your day and inspire your life. Perhaps you will also find yourself laughing with joy. Ready? I promise she will inspire you to shift the story, and do it together.

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