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First We Have To Notice-STS103-Beca Lewis

One morning last week, I had my earbuds in and was listening to podcasts while making the beds and getting the house ready for the day. Knowing that I had a coaching session with a client later that morning I realized that I would need my earbuds for the call. So I started looking for them. I looked everywhere. I thought about the last time I was wearing them. Maybe I left them downstairs while I was painting the walls. So, when Del came upstairs, I touched the earbuds to pause the podcast, and asked him “Have you seen my ear buds?” Interpreting his confused look to mean he didn’t know which ones I meant – although I only have one pair – I said, “You know, the ones with the yellow ….” and as I said yellow I brushed past my face and touched the yellow cord hanging down from my earbuds, and realized what had happened. We both laughed hard for the next five minutes. Has this every happened to you? Listen to the podcast to hear more stories and to discover the value of noticing.

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Stop Wanting Moments To Be Over

“Don’t waste this moment by wanting it to be over.” We were all in a deep yoga stretch. Deep enough to be uncomfortable when the instructor said those words. It took me by surprise because I realized that I was definitely wasting the moment. I was throwing it away as if it was trash. I wanted it to be over. I was uncomfortable. I was thinking about what I would do after class. I was wondering what I would have for lunch. I was not treasuring the moment. How many moments do we all have in this world? We have no idea, and there is no way to find out. We enter by one door and leave by the next. We do. So on the journey through what we call our life, how many moments do we value by doing only one thing. Being there. Present. Multi tasking is something[...]

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