Preparing In The Green Room Of Life

No one knows for sure why it’s called the green room. There is a theory that in 1599, London’s Blackfriars Theatre included a room where actors waited to go on stage, and it was painted green. I have waited in many green rooms. I have waited in theatre green rooms, pre-speech green rooms, and green rooms for TV shows. Once I waited in a green room for the Sally Jesse Raphael show. Yes, way back when. A few years ago I wrote a book about waiting in green rooms. I didn’t know it at the time, but recently I realized the habit of waiting is all about green rooms. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Shine Light On What You Want To Do – STS68 with Christine Bajorek

I WATCHED AS Christine Bajorek uplifted a whole room by simply walking into it. When I asked her to be a guest on this podcast, her only worry was would she bring enough value to the listeners. I laughed. You will hear me laugh a lot in this podcast because Christine does what seems impossible […] Listen

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