Gift Your Future Self To Be Happy Now

When my children were little, and Christmas was coming, I was filled with happiness and joy as I prepared for their perfect Christmas morning. Joy and happiness lay in the preparation and anticipation. Even working additional jobs took on an element of excitement because I was preparing a gift for their future self. We can all remember a time when all of us found more joy in preparing for our, and others, future selves. Now, we live in a world where we must get things done now. Where we expect immediate entertainment. Where we are so overwhelmed with current tasks, we don’t have the mental or physical space to enjoy preparing for anyone’s future self, let alone our own. But, I propose that preparing gifts for our, and other’s, future self is where happiness lies. We can prove it to ourselves with very simple steps. At night, as I “close shop” in my business and our home, I walk around the house and put things away that we used during the day. I am doing it for my future self. When I get up in the morning, everything is clean and fresh and waiting for me to start the day. If I am the first up, I press the coffee maker button for Del’s future self when he gets up. These are small happiness moments, but happiness lives in small happiness moments. Read more...

Right Identity-STS92-Del Piper and Beca Lewis

What is perception? What are the modes of perception? How powerful IS perception? How must we identify ourselves in our perception? What difference will it make? In this reality shift Del and I explore the idea of perception. Wait, you may say, don’t you always talk about perception? YES - I do. But this time we are going to talk about in terms of how we identify ourselves. It is a helpful hint on how to identify ourselves as spiritual beings and yet live what appears to be a human life. Hum … yes, we are shifting the story - again!

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