The Life You Want Breathes In First

Everyone knows about breathing. We breathe in. We breathe out. Can’t breathe out first. That’s the order. Breathe in. Breathe out. Funny how often we don’t apply that to our life. We spend our life, before receiving. I could be talking about money because yes, we often spend before having it. When I was nineteen, […] Read More

Proving The Possibilities Of Good Government-STS83-Kauser Razvi

Is it possible to work with bureaucracy to bring about the social changes we want to see? Can art be part of urban life? My guest Kauser Razvi says, "yes." Kauser believes government can work for social benefit, and she demonstrates what that looks like every day in her work and in her life. I heard Kauser speak at Creative Mornings in Cleveland, and was moved by both her business and personal message. I think you will be too.

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