The Lie Of The One Lie

There is only one evil, only one lie. It has many faces. It plays many roles. It speaks many languages. But, it is just one lie. Although it may appear that we must deny each version of the one lie separately, the truth is, we only have to recognize this one lie for what it is to permanently disable it, and dissolve its power forever. We have reached a time in our world where doing just that is no longer a luxury, but is now an imperative call to action. Not for someone else to do, but for each of us to fight the battle that is required for this enemy of peace and love to be destroyed. Calling it a war is not a good idea; because that implies that we will use the same methods this lie uses to harm us to destroy it. We all know that doesn't work. Fighting with someone when we disagree never resolves the issue. Each of us has experienced the escalation of the power of this one lie into greater anger and destruction when we fight against it. However, in a sense it is a war and a battle, but not with something or somebody else, but with the idea that the one lie or one evil exists. We can defeat that idea, not from without, but from within. How can we do this?

Choosing To Do The Right Thing – STS78 – with David Frakt

Do the right thing. How many times have we heard this, and believe that this is exactly what we should do? But, what price would we pay to do it? You may not know who David Frakt is by name, but you will remember what he did, and after hearing this podcast, I know you […] Listen

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