Surrender To The Best Possible Solution

FOR WEEKS THE PHRASE “you can’t push the water” kept popping up in my thinking. I ignored it. I admired it. I wondered where it came from, and finally, I gave up and decided to explore the concept. First the obvious. I tried imaging pushing water. I discovered that internal voice was right, you can’t push the water. What can you do instead? I used to be a fish, or at least that is what my dad called me. I swam everywhere. My favorite was the week we would spend every summer at the ocean. Definitely, you learn to not push the water of the ocean. When a wave comes at you, you can dive into it and feel the exhilaration of popping up on the other side. Or you can ride the wave into shore and experience the sensation of flying, if only for a brief moment. Definitely, can’t push that water.


What Reality Do You Live In Really – One

This is one of my favorite reality shift podcasts. We were a little ahead of the podcast movement because we recorded this in 2008, but re-releasing it only makes me love it more. The question, what reality do you live in really is huge! And Del and I attempt to answer not only the question but provoke us all into choosing the reality we want to live within. We ask the question - what if this is a game? What would that mean? What kind of game is it? Is there a way out? We explore ideas ranging from quantum physics, nature studies, spirituality, and Native American wisdom. It’s the first in a two-part series - all about shifting perception and thereby shifting the reality you live in, with the intent of shifting to Big R Reality, the reality of the infinite.

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