The Shift

Joy Is Waiting For You

Spring was barely present when I took my walk on a Wednesday. On Sunday, after being away for a few days, spring had exploded. A riot of color. Flowers, trees, bushes all blooming in every hue and color possible. Even the lawns were sporting color with dandelions and spring beauties. A few days before our trip I found a note that I had carried around for years but had not seen for a long time. It was the lyrics to a Lou Christie song given to us by friends when Del and I were traveling the country. It became our theme song. Finding the note was an example of the synchronicity of the universe. The friends that shared the song with us were the ones we were preparing to take a short trip to the Berkshires to see. Lou Christie sings, “Good-bye to things that bore me, Joy is waiting for me.”

Discernment and Dominion-STS94-Beca Lewis and Delbert Piper

What is true dominion? Is it the dominion over others or is the dominion over our thoughts? If you are listening to this, you probably already know the answer. In this podcast, Del and I explore how discernment is a requirement of true dominion and how we can learn and practice it. Plus, really interesting stories about people whose skill at awareness is nothing short of astonishing. Stay with us as we explore the questions and answers to who and what has power of us, and what is true and what isn’t. It is all good - and it is definitely a shift of the story.

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