Get In The Boat, The World Is Not Broken

I sat down on an exercise bike at the gym, and noticed that the right peddle was missing, so I moved to the one on its right. Next a friend sat down on the bike, noticed that it was broken, and choose another bike. Then Del sat down on the bike and started peddling. The bike wasn’t broken for him. A few days later I saw a woman sitting on the broken bike pedaling way. It wasn’t broken for her either. The world appears to be broken. It’s so bad I don’t want to hear any side of it. I don’t want to hear the arguments, people claiming to be right, while others claim that they are wrong. It’s absolutely horrible. The only people who might be enjoying it are the people thinking either that they can fix it, or break it some more. It’s the same thing, either way. For you and me we have to do something different. See I figure if you are reading this you are sick of it too. We have to start seeing the world as not broken. It reminds me of Noah and the flood. He built a boat. Read More...


What Really Happened In The Belly Of The Whale

In this podcast I talk about the meaning behind Jonah and the whale, plus a little Native American and gaming symbolism thrown in. It’s about purpose, and living our unique spiritual blessing, instead of running, hiding, lying, and waiting. And I tell two of my favorite jokes to get us started. How are you using […] Listen

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