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If We Want To Heal The World

I have tried to place this idea within the context of the tragedies occurring across the world. The residents of the woods have a calm understanding and appreciation of each other. They don’t plan revenge, or kill for glory. Unlike humans. We will never find freedom from the danger of terrorists, of any kind, if we respond with hatred, revenge, or a desire for glory. We simply feed the monster.

Discard Worry, Move To Trust

Have you ever worried about something? I’m kidding, I know we have all worried. The question is, does it do any good to worry? And if not, how do we stop doing it? In the movie “The Bridge of Spies”, during very tense moments, the American lawyer, played by Tom Hanks, asks the alleged spy he was defending if he was worried. It was a perfectly reasonable question since the outcome to his situation appeared so dismal. His answer was always, “Will it help?” In spite of the situation he trusted. To not worry we have to trust that there is going to be an outcome that will work in our favor, and for the benefit of all involved.

The Force Is Always Speaking To You

I explained it to myself this way one day. Scientists are aware that they can’t grasp the infinitude of what we see as the universe. They can’t see to the end of it, or the depth of it, but they do know that it exists. Still, they plan missions to Mars, and send up space probes. They take these baby steps because they trust the bigger but unknowable infinite. In the same way I trust the absolute and then take steps to be a better person each day. But, on that day I hesitated because I was thinking that no one cares anyway. I doubted that there is an infinite intelligent loving force running the universe.

The Dreamer And The Dream Are One

Let’s all wake up from the human worldview without waiting for things to turn bad. To do so we must start from the point of view and state of mind perception that there is only One Divine Power, not two. To experience the Truth of this statement, we must maintain this perception no matter how real the dream of a separate power appears to be. Saying 2 plus 2 = 5 doesn’t make it real, even if everyone we know keeps telling us its true. But, it will always be true that 2 plus 2 = 4 even if no one but you seems to remember this fact. A wrong statement, or perception, does not change the truth about Truth, and a correct perception does not create the Truth, it reveals it. The Truth is there is just One power, and it is good.

You Can’t Solve An Illusion

But, none of these methods provide an answer that works for long if they begin with a premise that is an illusion. There will never, ever, be a correct answer to an illusion.

Too Busy To Be Still And Listen

HAVE YOU EVER STALLED and dragged your feet over something you know you need, and even want, to do? Recently, I did exactly that. I stalled and dragged by feet over the idea of opening an Etsy store. It would be another place sell my “Truth 4 Today” inspirational words and prints. Finally after stalling [...]

Even Smelly Noisy Teaches

Then I remembered what the wise ones say, “Whatever is going on in your life, learn from it.” So I turned my attention away from the silent peaceful morning and beautiful sky, to the lesson of the garbage truck.

The Reward For Gratitude

TO GET TO THE IMPORTANT part of this message, I need to share some less important examples. If you will stick with me, I think you will like where this is heading. It started with yet another discussion with a fellow internet marketer. Those of us who share our “stuff” through the medium of emails, [...]

Choosing Intention Before Choosing Debt

Discovering and uncovering this intention takes some serious time and thought. We are constantly bombarded by intentions for our lives, most of which we are unaware of choosing. These can either be our own, or intentions that others choose for us, or worldview intentions.

Why We Have To Choose The Problems We Have

How many things in our life do we pretend are not really present. Or someone else is responsible for the problem. Instead, when we choose the issue, and make it our own, we can do something about it. Until then, the problems are in charge.

Do You Love Boldly?

“Love always shows up.” That’s what someone said to me years ago when I was questioning another’s love for me. That person didn’t show up for me and so I had my answer.

Choosing To Perceive Differently

I was watching the chef Ina Garten make chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. As she spread the delicious looking frosting over the cupcakes she said, “These cupcakes are really a delivery system for the icing.” We could take this different way of looking at a cupcake and use it to illustrate how what appears [...]

A Bee, A Hummingbird, and Freedom

We were sitting on our deck under the table umbrella on a beautiful summer morning. A bee flew up into the point of the umbrella, and there he stayed. He buzzed around the top looking for a way out. When he got tired he would rest on the fabric. Rested, he would once again try [...]

Sing Knowing That You Have Wings

Originally posted 4/7/2009 For as long as I can remember, one of my favorite poems has been Victor Hugo’s, “Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings.“ Isn’t this poem beautiful? It sings about the [...]

Hurry Up – Or Feel Groovy

There is more to life than increasing its speed. -Gandhi Getting there is not the point. I know, that is not how we have been trained. We have been trained to hurry; hurry through school, and hurry to get a job. Then, it’s on to more hurry. Get the house, get the family, get the [...]

Are You Kind To Yourself?

I used to be a really bad self-talker, or perhaps I was a good bad self-talker. I would say terrible things to myself about myself. Sometimes I said them out loud, sometimes under my breath; but mostly quietly where no one could hear what I was saying. Nobody but me. I told myself that I [...]

The Past Was Not What We Remember

The Past Was Not

The jar that held cotton balls in our bathroom was empty, so I reached into the cupboard to get the cotton ball bag to refill the jar. As I unzipped the first plastic bag to reach the second plastic bag I asked myself, “Why? Why do I have cotton balls in two plastic bags?” And [...]

When You Hit A Foggy Patch: Look For Omnipresent Love

When you hit a foggy patch Shift Ezine

As we drove to work one morning, we were celebrating the fact that it was a beautiful sunny spring day. Suddenly it wasn’t. Within seconds, we were surrounded by fog. We could see less than twenty feet in front of us. Cars slowed down, car lights flicked on, and everyone became alert and careful as [...]

Everything Present is Present As God Only

Everything that is present is present as God only. John Hargreaves We might understand this idea better if we use the word energy. It’s not accurate, and I will get back to that, but it is a helpful analogy. It enables us to wrap our head around the idea that everything present is present as [...]

Does That Mean We Are Supposed To Follow?

A famous choreographer had come to UCLA to mount one of her dances for the annual spring concert at Royce Hall. It was something we looked forward to; the chance for us student dancers to work with professionals. Of course that meant we had to audition.  As in most auditions, the choreographer demonstrated a dance [...]

Feel Free To Rewrite Your Life Story

I love stories. When I was really little I would go to bed extra early on Sunday nights, and snuggle down under the covers to listen to The Shadow. Once I learned to read, I read everything I could get my hands on. I was lucky. My dad was an English professor, and filled the [...]

How To Stop Believing Lies

I was listening to an NPR show in which a hacker was describing the process he goes through to hack into theApple iPhone. It struck me how similar it is to what happens in our lives. The way to keep hackers out of computer code, can also be applied to our life code, and anything [...]

Are We Doing What We Are Supposed To Be Doing?

What is life about anyway? I know that it can’t be about how much money we make, or how many followers we have, or how good we look in the mirror, or how many toys we collect, or how big our house is, or how many designer clothes we wear. Can’t be about those things, [...]

Unlock The Door To Harmony

I was dreaming in that time between sleeping and getting up. I was awake enough to notice that my neck was tense, and was trying to relax it. In my dream, I realized that harmony would dissolve the problem, and the solution was to unlock all the doors that had harmony shut up behind them. [...]

What Would You Do If You Had A Magic Wand?

WHAT IF YOU HAD a magic wand? What if it worked? What would you do with it? I always ask new coaching clients this question, although I ask it a bit differently. I ask them if I had a magic wand, what would they like me to do for them. Recently, I realized I wasn’t [...]

Why Not To Give Into Attention Grabbing

I once belonged to a wonderful organization called The Inside Edge, and in the mid 1980’s I ran the San Diego, CA chapter. I took over from another woman who wanted more time for her business. The lessons I learned during this time were amazing, but one in particular has stuck with me through the [...]

Decisions Can Be Easy

How many times have you been stuck because you can’t make a decision? It can be a little one, like standing in front of your closet trying to decide what to wear. It can be a big one like, “Shall I move, shall I take this job, shall I stay, or shall I go.” Not [...]

Do We Really Get What We Expect?

Yes and No. There are laws that can be bent, broken, interrupted, or made to fit circumstances. Human laws, even laws like gravity, are like that. Universal laws are not. They are the way things are. One of those laws is “we see, and experience, what we expect to see and experience.” We may say, [...]

What the Hummingbird Teaches Us

For about a week this summer, whenever I stood at the front window and looked outside at the garden below, a hummingbird would stop drinking from the zinnia’s and morning glories, and fly straight up to my eye level, and look at me before returning to her tasks. Sometimes, I would politely ask her if [...]

Nothing Belongs To Us

I have to confess, I didn’t know there were two sides to the well know Bible phrase – All that I have is Thine.* I might be the only one who didn’t know this, but just in case you didn’t think of it either, here’s what I have finally begun to understand. I can’t remember [...]

See The Infinity That Embraces Us

The tree on the corner of our street is broadcasting change. For the past few years, it has been the first tree in the neighborhood to change to its fall dress colors. Although the majority of the trees won’t have changed into their new garments for a few months, this tree is already heading into [...]

Are You The One?

Did you know that squirrels, given a good food supply, can have two litters of baby squirrels a year? Considering that our yard and woods is full of squirrel food of one kind or another, and we have been here for seven summers, that means there have been 14 generations of squirrels born under our [...]

Choose Your Dance Partner Carefully

The movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, is a story about George and Mary. They meet, fall in love, and marry. When George’s father dies, they choose to give up their personal dreams in order to continue his dad’s banking business, a business that has been good to everyone who lives in their community. As is [...]

Of Birds And Bodies

It happened at the airport, and it changed my view of bodies forever. When I wrote my book Living In Grace, the hardest chapter to write was the one on bodies. I didn’t want to write it. I worried that if I said, “We are not our bodies,” not many would believe me, and all [...]

Relax What You Don’t Need

Alone on the floor of the gym, stretching before class, I heard that little-voice-within say, “relax what you don’t need.” I wasn’t surprised. Del has been working with me, and his Taiji classes, to learn how to recognize what muscles tighten in a stretch, and then to let those muscles relax in order to move [...]

Why I want to be like water

As I prepared to write about my desire to be more like water, a gentle mist rose outside my window to remind me of another way that water transforms itself, and yet remains water. Oh how I wish to be more like water — flowing, gentle, patient, consistent, and ultimately always effective in carrying out [...]

Choose A Different View

Arranging a bowl of daffodils for a family party wasn’t turning out how I wanted it to. All the beautiful faces of the daffodils were facing downward. I thought how silly it was that in order to see the flowers everyone would have to sit under the table and look up at them. “Then turn [...]

Does Our Thinking Create?

My bluebird’s back. It must be April. We have bluebirds all winter, but this one is different. This bluebird comes to visit every year. He moves between my windows and my glass door, hitting his beak on the glass. Bump, bump, and tap, tap. He is a beautiful, if noisy, reminder that spring has arrived [...]

We Aways Have A Partner

Many years ago I belonged to a little dance troupe of ballroom dancers. One morning my tango partner didn’t show up for rehearsal, and that’s when I fully realized how true it is that it takes two to tango. The tango is a balancing act; one dancer supporting the other, and as they do their [...]

It’s Time For You To Look Beneath The Leaves

All winter my flower gardens lived under a pile of leaves that I didn’t have time to rake up before the first snow arrived. During what felt like endless winter months, I saw no evidence of anything growing, just snow and wet leaves. One warm day in late winter, when the promise of spring was [...]

Finding Something That Isn’t Lost

I couldn’t find my letter opener. I loved it. It was efficient and beautiful to me, plus it had sentimental value because it was a gift from a business community I had helped serve. After searching for it, I reached the conclusion that I probably had thrown it away while throwing away a pile of [...]

If This year Feels Different To You, You're Right!

It was past midnight. I was alone, completely lost. Having no idea where I was in a strange town, confused by the number of cars out that late at night, I was driving down the middle of the road. Yes, I couldn’t even make up my mind which lane I was supposed to be in. [...]

Current Technology Moves To Making Something Out Of Nothing

You’ve heard of it I am sure. 3-D printing has arrived – the process of making a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. It is being used to make exact reproductions of things from human tissue to cars. Although the technology has been around since the early 80’s, like all things tech, it has [...]

Scan Yourself Daily

You probably know what brought this on. It was our computers. Out of nowhere, they each developed a problem. Ads started popping up suggesting we “do this, buy that, fix this;” it was terrible. It was obvious that we had some kind of virus, or at least a very nasty intruder. After a little research, [...]

Beca_sm BECA LEWIS coaches, teaches, plays with art, has a podcast, writes blogs and books and is addicted to reading. She lives in Ohio with her husband, loves visiting beautiful places, and has kids and grand-kids scattered across the country.

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