Sweet, Small, Imbued With Love

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I was working at my computer in the coffee shop, editing the next book in the Karass series when I overheard a conversation. A stooped older gentleman was leaning over a table of three people.

I couldn’t hear what the gentleman said, but one of the women laughed and said, “You must have an understanding wife.”

His answer was, “My wife passed away a few years ago.”

My heart stopped. How sad. What was he doing at the table that promoted that response?

His next stop was my table. Carefully he put a silver Hershey’s kiss beside my computer, and said, “Here’s a kiss for you.” As he walked away, he added, “I’m ninety-two years old.

I thanked him as he moved on to the next table. The coffee shop was crowded, but he slowly made his way around the room giving every table a kiss.

I hoped he would make his way back towards me so I could ask him how and why he gave us all kisses. But somehow he slipped out without me seeing him.

So I can only conjecture that he was doing it because it was something he could do. He had a fanny pack filled with kisses that he could distribute, sharing a little love.

It was the sweetest kiss I ever ate. Seriously. He had imbued it with love.

We can all do something loving. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. In fact, sometimes it is the smallest gesture that means the most.

Instead of waiting or hoping that we will be able to make a significant impact on the world, we could simply share what we have–from a fanny pack.

I won’t forget him, or his gift. It was a message from the universe.

Do what you can. And do it now.

Just make sure it’s done with love. It’s more than enough.

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