Joy Is Waiting For You

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Spring was barely present when I took my walk on a Wednesday. On Sunday, after being away for a few days, spring had exploded.

A riot of color. Flowers, trees, bushes all blooming in every hue and color possible. Even the lawns were sporting color with dandelions and spring beauties.

A few days before our trip I found a note that I had carried around for years but had not seen for a long time.

It was the lyrics to a Lou Christie song given to us by friends when Del and I were traveling the country. It became our theme song.

Finding the note was an example of the synchronicity of the universe.

The friends that shared the song with us were the ones we were preparing to take a short trip to the Berkshires to see.

Lou Christie sings, “Good-bye to things that bore me, Joy is waiting for me.”

Del and I would play the cassette of that song over and over again as we traveled. We were saying good-bye to what we didn’t want. We expected that joy was waiting for us.

We were exploring the country while we explored what we wanted, and what was no longer relevant in our lives.

When we returned from our short trip to the Berkshires joy was waiting for us. Spring had arrived. However, it was also waiting for us on the train we took to get there.

It was waiting for us at our friend’s home. It was waiting for us at the coffee houses, restaurants, and baby animal farm that we visited together.

Joy always waits for us. It waits for us as we sleep, go to work, clean the house, or run errands.

The problem is never that joy is not waiting. The problem is we forget to notice it, celebrate it, roll around in the pleasure of the feeling of it.

Often it is because we are clinging to what we don’t want, don’t need, have outgrown, or was never ours.

Things that “bore” us.

Sometimes it’s not what is going on in our individual lives that keeps us from noticing the joy that is waiting for us. It’s outside events.

People doing mean and unkind and dangerous things to each other can crowd out joy. Illness, whether in the form of poverty or health issues, can cause us to forget joy.

In these times it is even more important to claim joy as ours. To see it, express it, share it.

It is an outward sign of our faith that good is the power that can overcome any adversity. It demonstrates that no one has power over how we react or think. When we choose joy, we overcome, we win.

Joy is impartial. It exists. It waits for us to find it.

As I walk in these glorious spring days, I exchange greetings with neighbors. “What a beautiful day!” We exchange joy. We are not embarrassed by it. We don’t try to hide our smiles, our light steps, our happiness.

In all things, events, and places let’s find the joy that waits for us and share it. It heals hearts and minds, and it wins over anything that tries to steal our happiness.

Imagine a world where we sorted our life by how delighted we are and how much joy we can feel in any given moment.

Play the song! Once those lyrics get into your head, they are stuck there. And that is a splendid thing!

The universe had a laugh at me as I was writing this. I stopped to write down something I need to buy at the store, on the shopping pad that I always use.

What I never noticed before is that there is a word at the top of the pad. Guess what it says. Joy.

Yep, Joy was waiting for me all along, as it is for you.

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