Give Support And Get Out Of The Way

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I was dreaming. It was a big room, full of people. They were asking me questions about raising children.

A man asked about his daughter. He said she was filled with ideas and desires to do things, all differently than what he wanted for her.

My answer was, “support her and get out of the way.”

We all have children. Millions of them.

Ideas. Millions of them.

Most of them run themselves as part of our day. What to wear, what to eat? What time shall we leave? Ideas.

What about the ideas that demand more from us?

Ideas that demand we learn something new. Demand that we grow up. Demand that we let go of what we thought and think differently.

When these ideas speak, we have to support them and get out of the way.

We support them by learning what needs to be learned. We do our homework. We practice. Just as we did when we were kids.

And then we get out of the way.

We step away from our prejudices. We lay down our belief systems. We stop trying to control the outcome.

We stop attempting to control the outcome. We let the intelligent love that is the underlying force of the universe do what it does.

Here’s the deal. It always does. The force is always running the show. But, we miss it because we are busy supporting our own theories of how things work.

‘Be one with the force, Luke.’ Get yourself out of the way.

Like Luke, we train. We become skilled.

Where does your idea want you to go? How can you support your idea? Take action. Learn what needs to be learned. Practice it. Get good at it. Follow up. Ask questions. Answer the questions.

And then get out of the way. Let it evolve and grow the way it was meant to grow.

We can’t force a daisy to be a rose, so don’t support them the same way.

We give them what they need, and get out of the way. We watch the universe unfold its purpose which we see as a rose or daisy.

Whether we call this idea a child, or a garden, or a business venture—or a way to love and share—it follows the same rules.

Share support, give it love and devotion. And then show your faith by getting out of the way.

There are steps to this evolution. As we get out of the way, there are more ways to support.

Some roses need to be staked to fully express themselves. Daises might need more space.

What about bad ideas? Oh yes. They exist. We seem to be drowning in a sea of bad ideas. So many supported by people who don’t appear to know the difference between good and bad.

The principle remains the same. And remember the force? Good will always, always, always overcome bad. But, it needs support. And it needs us to get out of the way of how it will work.

When we fight evil ideas with evil ideas, we are part of the problem.

Bad ideas always contain a grain of truth, or we would never listen to them.

But are they filled with good? Do they benefit everyone? Are they based on intelligent love?

Too many aren’t.

But we are warriors for truth. Whether it is a truth for a child we love, an idea we cherish, or a country—we stand for the truth that good is the only power.

We support it. We take action. And we get out of the way as the force of infinite love resolves it. Because where love is, there can be nothing else.

This is not passive. It is active. Support. Take Action. And get out of the way. Repeat.

And do it – NOW!

The limits of tyrants is prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress. -Frederick Douglass

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