Do You Want Life To Be Quieter?

– Posted in: The Shift Ezine

All of us have been someplace where the music was too loud, and we asked to have it turned down. Remember how that felt?

Doesn’t life feel like that sometimes? It does for me. As the year came to an end, it seemed as if the noise just got louder and louder.

Maybe it felt that way because I was hoping that instead of getting louder it would get softer and softer so that the world would pause, get still, be silent. You know Silent Night.

For me, it didn’t feel like as if that happened. Some of it was my fault, some of it was circumstances, but the result was I couldn’t help noticing how much noise was coming at me.

Everything was too much. Too many requests for goal setting. Too much information.

Do you ever feel as if you just want it to stop?

I know I do.

I wanted to say, “Stop selling me things, stop telling me how to get better, stop giving me ideas of how to fix and how to do things. Just stop.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love to be inspired. But all day? Every day?

Don’t we need long moments, pauses, days to stop and just be?

So here I am, sending another email doing just what I want everyone else to stop doing.

I will understand if you want to stop reading right here.

But, if you do, don’t go read something else, or do a chore.

No, instead, go sit down with nothing in your hands, and listen. Or go for a walk. Or sit and meditate. Just stop.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a holiday where nothing happened? Where there were no sales, no pitches, no ideas about what to do to make ourselves better?

Heck, what if there were times throughout the year where this happened. A holiday from noise.

Imagine the world quiet.

Of course, I love listening to podcasts. I love to be inspired. I love some of the emails I get.

But, there has to be a balance.

So, I am saying “no” to buying things I really don’t need, or don’t help my business, or don’t help someone else.

I am saying no to things that I can tell – and so can you – are using the best techniques to sway my thinking their way.

There is a movement called the Maker Movement. Instead of being consumers all the time, we become makers.

For me, that means we let ourselves be creative. We all are in our own ways. The reason we sometimes don’t create for fun, is we have become stuck in the idea that everything has to mean something.

Just stop. Be creative for the joy of it.

Stop the noise of needing a projected outcome. Just be part of life. Step in. Do things you have always wanted to do because it is calling you. Not to make you better. Not to be more healthy, smarter, better looking. Just cause you want to.

Let’s have dates with creativity. Let’s have dates with quiet. Let’s have dates with meaning.

Some people will always make more noise than others. Sometimes I like going into a noisy environment. Okay, not hardly ever, but still, some people do.

But, let’s create quiet moments in life both within ourselves and for others.

Phew, I feel better for asking that the noise be turned down.

Isn’t that what this phrase means “Peace be still.” Inside and outside. Quiet. Imagine that.

As you are pausing this year, perhaps one of those pauses could be part of my good friend Laura Moliter’s “Watch With Me One Hour” movement.