In October We Experience Its Beautiful Song On Faith

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inoctoberweexperience October sings a song. If you listen deeply, you might hear it. In the northern hemisphere, it follows the Beatles’ song, “Let it Be,” with just a one-word change.

The trees sing it, the plants sing it, the birds sing it, the flowers sing it. The wind sings it.

They all sing, “Let It Go.”

Not let-it-go as a sad, lonely idea. Let it go as a beautiful explosion of color and textures.

We think letting go is hard because we hold on so hard.

I have been practicing sitting in a lotus pose as I do my morning meditation. It’s usually early in the morning so at first, my knees feel as if they are up to my waist. As I practice, I silently sing the October song to myself, “Let It Go.”

Slowly my knees lower. And then, finally I let go, and in letting go, I notice that I was working hard to keep my knees up in the air. I was holding on.

We work to hold on to things. Ideas. Stuff. People. Memories. Emotions. We work hard to remain still and stationary even though we think we are progressing. There is that last little hold-on-to that we maintain.

At least once a year I go into closets, storage boxes, drawers – where ever stuff collects – and take out what I don’t need. Every year there are a few things that I pick up, look at, realize I don’t need it, but still can’t let it go, and put it back.

Someday, I will let it go, I tell myself.

I have no idea when that someday is. I think it has to do with thinking that if I let it go I won’t remember the event it represents. Or, if I let it go I might need it in the future.

We have all seen trees let it go. Each tree in its own way. One of October’s joy is watching the trees let go in their unique, spectacular way, and personal timing. They sing, and let go.

They have faith.

They know that although each year is different what supplied them this year, will next year. They know that Life is not what is held onto, but what is expressed. They know that Life is continuous and although Its forms may change It always supplies enough.

The Iroquois teach the idea of The Field Of Plenty. When Great Mystery created the world, everything that would ever exist was created, as ideas. This nonphysical plane of awareness is eternal. It can be drawn on whenever there is a need by calling on it with a grateful heart.

The law of conservation of energy in physics explains that all the energy that will ever be is already created, and never leaves. Changes forms but never leaves.

Many of us learned it this way “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.”*

All saying the same thing. What we see as a material presence are symbols only. Not the substance, but the expression of Life.

The things I can let go of may remain another year or two, but each year I let go of more. In quiet time, or meditation, I attempt to let go of thoughts, planning, emotions, and memories that keep me from feeling the internal and eternal silence of the Field Of Plenty.

Each October I remind myself that I want to be more like a tree. Rooted in the awareness of the constant presence of what is needed. Aware of when to bloom, and when to let go while unconditionally supplying us with beauty and substance.

Each tree is individually unique and yet an essential thread in the tapestry of life. Just like you and me. Unique, beautiful in our way, and supplied with what we need, before we need it.

It’s the song of nature, easily heard in October, Let it Go,” which is just another way of saying “Let It Be.”

*Isaiah [65:24]

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