You Can Rewrite The Movie Called Life

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YouCanRewriteTheMovieCore values, family history, worldview agreements, and personal habits all come together to produce a movie we call our life.

If these ideas come together to form a pretty picture then life is good, when they don’t then life is not so good. In the not so good times, we stand in the middle of this movie, like characters on the screen, and try to change it.

We try to adjust the picture on the screen forgetting it is a projection. We forget that the movie and the movie viewer are one. It is a projection of our point of view and belief systems.

This is not a whimsical idea. This is fact.

In the book “Biocentrism” we read, “Moreover, if one accepts that the external world occurs only in Mind, in consciousness, and that it’s the interior of one’s brain that’s cognized ‘out there’ at this moment, then of course everything is connected with everything else.” (Robert Lanza MD with Bob Berman)

This means it is absolutely possible to change our lives. Why? Because our lives are the out-picturing of (but not the creation of ) what we believe and perceive to be true.

It also means that there is only one way to make a change and that is to shift our perception from within.

But, what if we want more than just a better life? What if we want to be what we really are? What if we want to experience ourselves as the outcome or idea of the infinite Mind, or omnipotent Light? What then?

To do this we must re-think reality and re-set our perception. We must stop identifying ourselves as human. We must stop believing what the five senses tell us and listen instead to the quiet voice within.

We stop acting as if the movie and script are real. We stop wanting the story to get better, and want instead to let go and live as the idea of God.

This is a radical thought and decision. It demands a root change. It follows the biblical word “repent” which means turn around and walk the other way.

  • We turn away from the movie playing in our heads which results in what we call our lives.
  • We turn away from identifying ourselves as human and re-set our thinking and perception.
  • It demands that we let go of how we want it to be, think it is, and then follow through with action and commitment to Truth.

    This radical shift demands that we turn away from trying to fix things and people. We turn away from our story. We turn instead to the fact that what exists in our lives is, and who we think we are, is one and the same.

    This is not a half way decision, it is a complete shift. Yes, it may appear to take time to reset habits and beliefs, but that too is only set within our agreement of what is true.

    It may appear that others need to change first. Again, not true. What appears as they, or that, is really our own perception. There is no way to separate the thinker from what it is thinking.

    Our responsibility then is not to create, control, or to make happen. Our responsibility is to stop separating ourselves from the ever present infinite intelligent flow or force we call God.

    Our responsibility is to let go and be what we are, which in turn re-sets what we experience as our lives.

    As we do this we can expect more beauty, peace, abundance, grace, happiness, love. We can expect all the fruits of good to be more present in and as our lives.

    Not because we worked at becoming good and wise humans, but because we gave up the story.

    We consistently listen and follow the still small voice within. We pay attention to the symbols that prove the presence of God. We continually re-set our perceptions to match our current, highest, and best understanding of the Divine.

    And then, because we have refocused the projector, the movie we call our life, must conform.

    • Jet

      This is wonderful! What a firm, forward, active, Simple message to Truth! Thank you!

    • Fay

      As always, your articles blow the dust and cobwebs away from the believer and his beliefs, and reveal the firm foundation of our heavenly home. A relieved thank you.