If You Want To Be Happier, Let Go

– Posted in: The Shift Ezine

It was a beautiful fall day, a perfect day to work in the garden. My plan was to move two hosta plants that were growing in an area that received direct afternoon sun, and move them to the morning sun area of the garden, their preferred location.

I prepared the new holes for both hostas and then went to dig them up. The first hosta released its roots easily and quickly and within a few minutes I had it resting happily in its new home. The second hosta, planted in the same area, would not let go.

I struggled with trying to dig it out while talking to it saying, “Please let go, I am moving you to a happier place. You are hurting yourself by holding on. Please just let go!” Every minute that went by was harder and harder on both me and the plant, until finally I was able to pull it free.

Although now planted by the first hosta I know one of them will have an easier time of recovering from the move.

Isn’t this how we are sometimes? We won’t let go.

We won’t let go of how it was, or how we think it will be, or what we own, or what we want. We hold on with every fiber of our being while the infinite is moving us lovingly to a “happier place.”

Something has to give because that is how we expand and evolve. We can choose to give up how we want it to be, how it should be, how it was, how it could have been, or hold on and make it hard on ourselves.

The sooner we let go the easier our life is during and after the move.

It reminds me of the phrase, “what gives?” Isn’t it interesting that we use this phrase as we greet someone?

But, take a moment and think about what we are asking when we say, ”What gives?”

It could mean a few things. What are we given, or what are we letting go of, or what is giving way for something else.

As we let go, we get the answer to the question of what gives. We discover that what gives way is limitation. By giving up how we want it to be we can hear the Infinite say, “I am what gives.”

We have always lived in times when we have needed to let go and let God, but the past years have forced the issue for many of us.

Now we need to decide if we are going to hold on to how it was, or let go and move into a new awareness. We can throw away what the worldview says our life has to be and enjoy what is being given at this moment to us.

For many of us, when a new direction opens up instead of letting go we hold on. It’s painful to hold on. As people, places, and things evolve and change in our lives, we must let go.

We can not hold on to our material based version of love, abundance, supply, and peace because they are not the real thing. They are pre-packaged perceptions the worldview wants us to buy with our time, money, and hearts.

They are not what gives. What gives is the pure sense of happiness that is not derived from anything but from Itself. It gives completely, fully, and practically at all times.

As we let go we discover that letting go is not painful, but is full of adventure and joy and a security found nowhere else.