You, Me, Us, And The Ethics of Reciprocity

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I wrote a blog exactly six years ago on January 3, 2010 about breaking rules. I still agree with it. We have to learn what rules to break, and then break them if we want to move forward, be creative, and not live in a rut.

But, there is a rule we must not ever break because doing so is so dangerous it can, and will, destroy life as we know it.

This rule is so important it is more than a rule. It’s more than the law. It is even more than a commandment. It is the underlying way of being that we must choose if we want to not just survive but to thrive.

The rule is found in almost every religion and philosophy throughout time. It is called The Ethics Of Reciprocity. We often think of it as the commandment, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

It doesn’t read “Do unto others as they have done unto you.” But, that is the excuse we often use to do the wrong thing.

We break the rule every time we cheat and lie for personal gain without concern for anyone else.

Yes, we do that, in little and big ways. We download pirated movies. We keep the change that is more than what is owed us. We look away when others are being abused. We deny food and shelter to those in need.

We break the rule and we feel as if we can because “everyone does it.” That is a terrifying statement, because yes, everyone does it. We are trained that way. We are trained to believe that we are separate, and some people are better than others.

When we begin from the point of view of survival and choose the law of survival of the fittest, we break the rule.

If we take the word ethical out of the rule we break the rule.

The banking system, composed of people, hasn’t stopping doing what will once again destroy the world’s economy. Companies and governments, composed of people, will continue to destroy the world’s air and water.

Yes, we should be angry that those with power are breaking this rule. Go see the movie The Big Short, and get angry.

But, don’t get distracted and think it is all about them. Yes, they need to be stopped.

But, when we break the rule in big and small ways ourselves, we add to the problem.

We all make mistakes. That is different than consciously knowing what is wrong, and doing it anyway.

It is different than being so distracted, brainwashed, and yes – lazy – that we don’t pay attention to what is going on with ourselves, and with others, and then do something about it.

We can wake up and choose to do the right thing. Let’s do the right thing together. It is time to shift the story that greed, in all its forms, is stronger than what is good and pure.

We can let goodness flow over our own life so that it can, and will, roll over and destroy all is going on that is not good.

Let’s make this our intent. It is not as hard as it appears.

Let The Force Awaken within each of us and consciously choose to live The Rule of Ethical Reciprocity. It’s time. It’s almost past time. Choose now.