The Force Is Always Speaking To You

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The_Force_Is_Always_SpeakingOne day, on a unseasonably cold October morning, I prepared to go for my walk.

I used to run. Got tired of it, started jogging. Then one day, when another person passed me while I was jogging and they were walking, I gave up jogging too. Now I walk.

It is my favorite time to open my ears and hear — both sets of ears. The ones on my head and the ones that hear that still small voice within.

Anyway, as I was getting ready I heard that within voice tell me to wear my gloves. I hesitated.

Later I realized I hesitated because I was going through a doubt phase. I was doubting if the force many people call God or the Divine or Spirit was what I thought It was.

I recognize that I am a baby at understanding what that force is, but most of the time I trust that just because I don’t know, and can’t live, the absolute at all times doesn’t mean it isn’t True.

I explained it to myself this way one day. Scientists are aware that they can’t grasp the infinitude of what we see as the universe. They can’t see to the end of it, or the depth of it, but they do know that it exists.

Still, they plan missions to Mars, and send up space probes. They take these baby steps because they trust the bigger but unknowable infinite.

In the same way I trust the absolute and then take steps to be a better person each day.

But, on that day I hesitated because I was thinking that no one cares anyway. I doubted that there is an infinite intelligent loving force running the universe.

But, I listened anyway and put on my gloves.

I have run, jogged, and walked around the same loop of my neighborhood for eight years about the same time of day.

On this day, as I walked down the street with my gloved hands in my pocket, a man I had never seen before walked out of his house to the end of his driveway and asked me this:

“Do you have your gloves on?”

I lifted my hand out of my pocket and waved it high in the air, and joyfully said “Yes!”

He smiled at me, and went back to his house. I continued on my walk back into my faith that there is an intelligence loving force watching over every detail, and I had obeyed that voice and it was noticed.

A month later I went for a walk on a day in November that was unseasonably warm. I was thinking about the glove day since I didn’t need them that day and wondering why I had never seen that man again.

And then I looked up, and he ran by, and said, “Beautiful day!”

In my book Living In Grace:The Shift To Spiritual Perception I talk about another incident just like this one that had happened in March of 1999. I know the date because of what happened next.

At that time, I lived in downtown Los Angeles. It was predawn as I walked to my office to teach The Shift® course. As I walked I was doubting myself. I was doubting that I was going to do a good job teaching The Shift® that day. I was doubting that anyone cared.

As I passed one of the hotels a taxi driver jumped out of his taxi where he was waiting to offer a ride to hotel guests. He stepped right in front of me and said, “God loves you,” smiled at me, and stepped back into his taxi.

I loved every minute of teaching The Shift® that day. What made it perfect was it was the day that Del came all the way from Ohio to take The Shift®, and to declare he was the man for me.

These might seem like extraordinary stories, but they are not. They happen all the time to everyone of us.

For this constant provision and care from the intelligent force we call Love, I am profoundly grateful.

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Jamie Lewis November 9, 2015, 1:14 pm

Loved these stories you shared of the happy outcomes you experienced after you allowed yourself to listen to the still small voice inside, and not the doubting false voice! I smiled as you waved to the man with your gloved hand, I laughed when he ran by you on that beautiful warm day, and my heart warmed when the taxi driver jumped out of his cab to import the real message to you!! Thank you so much for all of the stories and for sticking with it for all us of. So encouraging!!

Beca Lewis November 9, 2015, 1:38 pm

Thank you Jamie! Those are all the things that I felt too!