You Can’t Help But Smile!

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Yoda-MaxtonThat’s what she said, as she described how wonderful it was to leave the house without wearing layers of clothes, and lugging extra layers around in case she got cold.

In our part of the world, this is spring; a time of celebration that we no longer need layers of clothing, and for the unfolding beauty that spring provides.

Sometimes it feels as if we pile layer upon layer of lesson learning upon ourselves as we weather the winter seasons of life. However, today, instead of adding another lesson layer, we can walk free of layers, and simply enjoy the beauty and abundance of unfolding Life.

Spring is an interesting season. It behaves like the rabbit in Alice and Wonderland, clutching his watch muttering, “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!” It moves fast. Blink and you miss it. It requires attention, and time to pause, in order to fully appreciate, and enjoy, its show.

Driving down the street in the morning, the trees have a light hazy coat of red or yellow. Returning in late afternoon, they have evolved into wearing a many-shaded green coat of unfurling leaves.

We wait and wait for spring, and when it arrives, it only stays for a brief visit before making room for summer.

It’s as if during the winter, spring coils tighter and tighter upon itself – like a spring – and one day it pops open, and the whole world is full of buds, leaves, daffodils, tulips, birds singing, grass growing, and warm sunshine.

The infinite array of blessings that arrive with spring is amazing. There are hawks circling high in the air, while tiny flowers bloom in the lawn, from spring beauties, to violets. Bees are buzzing, and the hummingbirds are returning.

You can’t help but smile.

Spring asks us to pay attention to details, because otherwise we will miss the intricacy of a flower bud, the warmth of the sun, and the lengthening of the days. If we pay attention, and pause in our observations, there is a possibility that we will feel, and experience, the force behind it all; the power of Love knowing and sharing Itself.

The great artist, Henri Matisse said about love, “Nothing is more gentle than love, nothing stronger, nothing higher, nothing larger, nothing more pleasant, nothing more complete, nothing better – in heaven or on earth – because love is born of God and cannot rest other than in God, above all living beings. He who loves, flies, runs and rejoices; he is free and nothing holds him back.”

That’s what we smile about. We are smiling because we see the obvious presence and power of love. We see it as nature in all its glory, in our friends and family, in good books and classes, in time with people, in time alone; all these are the outpouring of Love offered in such a way that we can see and appreciate it.

My mentor and friend, Dorothy, told me that she never experienced poverty again once she realized that Love was unlimited, and that meant she could love without limitations; which is exactly what she did.

Knowing her, you couldn’t help but smile.

Our grandson, Maxton, stopped by one afternoon. Well, his mom brought him by for a brief visit; at three months, he isn’t quite ready to drive himself. After they left, I couldn’t help but smile the rest of the day because he is literally a big ball of love. That is his only job, just to be love.

I am sure Dorothy was saying the same thing; our job is to be a big ball of love, filled with gratitude for each moment that we experience. Because if we look closely, we see that all that springing, and growing, and gifting, is Love Loving Itself.

For sure, knowing that, we can’t help but smile!

What makes YOU smile, would you share with us in the comments below? That is another thing that makes me smile, hearing from you!