Are You With The Amazing Grace?

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Angel_FlightHuffing and puffing, I made it to the top of the stairs that climbed the very steep hill in Los Angeles. I thought walking the stairs would be a piece of cake, because when I had lived in downtown LA, I would run those steps every Sunday morning.

It turns out that fourteen years of not running those stairs makes a difference, because this time when I finally reached the end I was so out of breath, I had to sit down on the benches provided in the little park at the top.

As I sat there, waiting for my breathing and heart to slow down, a young man approached, and holding out a badge hanging from around his neck asked me, “Are you with The Amazing Grace?”

Thinking he was from a church group, my immediate answer was, “No sorry,” and he rushed off looking very lost.

However, the moment I said that I was not with The Amazing Grace, I realized that of course I was, and so was he. I wanted to tell him that he was not lost, but he had already reached the stairs and was heading down.

Actually, I think he did hear me thinking it, because he turned to me, and we had a moment’s pause together as we looked at each other across the park.

It was perfect. I had just climbed the Angel Flight Stairs, in the city of Angels, was resting in a place called Angel Knoll and was asked, “Are you with The Amazing Grace” and heard the Angel Idea that told me, “Yes we all are with The Amazing Grace.”

We are never separated from it, and we are never lost. Every great spiritual teacher and prophet has told us this, and they live, and lived, their lives practicing and demonstrating this Truth.

The common denominator is that they look at what others see as human and material, and see our perfect spiritual nature instead. As a result, what appears separated and lost, reveals itself as one with The Amazing Grace.

This is how what appears as healing works.

It is the refusal to see a material being or event, and see instead a spiritual expression of the One.
Because it is only a false perception that appears as something, or someone, that needs to be healed, this correct spiritual perception reveals the Truth of current, and constant, perfection.

Grace is divine Love and protection freely bestowed. It is not something we have to earn, or grow into. It is a state of being. It is our true state of being.

While walking that day, I was using an app on my iPhone called Map My Tracks. It’s fun figuring out how far I have walked, and getting a handle on how to return to where I started, because I often go exploring, both in the city and in the country, without knowing exactly where I am going.

When I am done, I can look back on the route that I have taken and see the entire path as one picture. While walking, I can’t see that path. In order to fully see where I traveled I have to look down on it.

Isn’t that symbolic? Isn’t that like life?

As we walk through our days and years, we often can’t see the logic of the path we are taking. It is only when we rise above it can we see that we are always on track, and heading back from whence we came.

This is because we are always traveling with The Amazing Grace. As much as I trust my aps in my iPhone to let me know where I am, and where I have traveled, shouldn’t we much more trust that divine Love, infinite Mind, is guiding us on our perfect path?

We don’t have to check our human self to see how we are doing. The human self doesn’t know anyway. It runs around asking, looking, and seeking answers from anyone who appears to have an answer.

A billion bits of human opinions and answers will never change anything. It will just keep us asking, and feeling lost.

Instead, we can pause on our own personal Angel Knolls, listen for Angel Ideas, and feel The Amazing Grace always, always, and always present. As a result, each of us can answer without hesitation, “Yes I am with The Amazing Grace.”

  • Diane Rose-Solomon


Diane Rose-Solomon March 10, 2013, 11:51 pm