Unassign Yourself, And Be Free

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truth-will-make-you-freeI had to call customer service anyway, so when I got a pleasant service person, I asked the question that had been bugging me for many moons.

I had noticed that there were folders in my web hosting account that I no longer needed. In fact, in some cases, I didn’t even own those website names anymore.

Periodically I would delete those folders, you know – letting go! However, the next day – dang it – there they were again.

His explanation was simple, and so stunningly symbolic, that I haven’t stopped thinking about it (and it worked by the way.)

He told me that I could let go and delete all I wanted, but the system automatically restored the folder every night, unless…and this is the good part…I unassigned it from the account first.

It’s like all problems. We delete them one day, wake up the next, and there they are again. The system has restored them once again. In order to let go permanently, unassigning beliefs from our lives must happen first.

It’s just like weeds in the garden. We can pull them up every day, but they will restore themselves once again if the entire root has not been eliminated. The weed has to be completely unassigned from the ground.

Remember the story of taming an elephant?

While still a baby, a rope is attached to its leg and then to a stake in the ground, limiting its movements. That limitation becomes so real to it, that by the time it is older it no longer needs the rope to stay within the boundaries set around the stake.

In order to be free, the elephant has to first unassign itself from the circumstances, training, and beliefs, of its childhood.

This is a key for all of us as we move through life and discover those ropes limiting our freedom. We have to unassign ourselves from the root of each problem.

Just as I had to see those folders in order to finally, and forever, delete them, we have to see the problem in order to unassign it from ourselves.

Happily, the root of every problem always eventually shows itself. Of course, it is easiest to do this work when we first notice it instead of putting it off, but no matter how long it has tied us to the stake, it can be removed completely from our lives.

However, it is up to us to unassign ourselves from it.

Just as we can look out on the lawn and see the weeds, we can look out into our life, and see the symbols of our beliefs and training. Those weeds, called problems, may show up in many forms, but it is always, always, always, a claim of lack.

It is always a claim that we lack health, or love, or abundance, in the past, in the now, and into the future.

It is always a claim that we have a human lineage, a human history, a human heredity, a human childhood, a human future. These claims, and our belief in them, are the rope that ties us to a stake of limitation. However, they have no power at all if we unassign ourselves from them.

In The Shift® System, we call this, Face and Replace.

Using this system, we open our eyes to see the root of the problem. Instead of fearing it, or agreeing with it, we replace it with Truth.

We don’t hide from it, run from it, or cover it over with sweet nothings, or even positive thinking. We stand and see it: not afraid. We are not afraid because we are not those memories. We are not those beliefs. We are not the human story. We are much more.

We really can’t comprehend what that more is most of the time. However, we can replace the belief of lack and human with the knowledge that we are spiritual beings. We can know that lack is only the suggestion that health, love, or abundance is not present.

We can unassign ourselves from what we see, and we state the Truth.

Our Father-Mother is infinite Love. Our family is all as One, not the one we grew up in, with its good and bad parts. This family is only good. This is our heredity.

This is Face and Replace. This is unassigning ourselves from the root of each problem so that they are entirely removed from our experience, never to be restored, or lived, again.

Other ways to say the same thing:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.- John 8: 32

All forms of error are uprooted in Science, on the same basis whereby sickness is healed, — namely, by the establishment, through reason, revelation, and Science, of the nothingness of every claim of error, even the doctrine of heredity and other physical causes.You demonstrate the process of Science, and it proves my view conclusively, that mortal mind is the cause of all disease. Destroy the mental sense of the disease, and the disease itself disappears. Destroy the sense of sin, and sin itself disappears.- Mary Baker Eddy

The soul that is attached to anything, however much good there may be in it, will not arrive at the liberty of divine union. For whether it be a strong wire rope or a slender and delicate thread that holds the bird, it matters not, if it really holds it fast; for until the cord be broken, the bird cannot fly. – Saint John of the Cross

Hedgerow Rose January 21, 2013, 9:17 am

So, so good!

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Thank you!