Join The Legend Of Angels For All-Good

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Legion-of-AngelsWhen we hear devastating news, we respond with sorrow, compassion, and helpful action – all symbols, and practical applications – of All-Good.

However, when we react with terror, fear, retaliation, and revenge, then we have left All-Good. We have entered the territory claimed by evil, and we are doing its bidding.

As hard as it may be, we can’t go there. Not shouldn’t. Can’t.

The temptation is strong. We feel as if we have to go after these people. We have to stop the other people who will do the same thing. However, when we react this way, we are those other people.

Yes, we can do something about what happened. Yes, we can take steps to ensure that it won’t happen again. Nevertheless, it will happen again – guaranteed – as long as a significant number of people respond with the same reaction that caused the tragedy in the first place.

When we step outside of All-Good, we have already lost the battle.

Instead of joining the army of revenge, we can join the Legion of Angels in healing, and eliminating forever, the belief of evil and duality.

It has to start within our own thinking. Either we believe in the omnipresent of All-Good, only Good, only One Loving Intelligence, or we don’t.

We can tell by how we react. Do we respond with healing love, or do we react with hate, fear, and revenge.

When we discover that opposite of All-Good within our thoughts and reactions, then this is where the battle begins; within our own thinking, we confront all ideas that there can be something other than All-Good.

When we are tempted to join the crowd, that becomes the mob of retaliation, we don’t.

Instead, we stand, as one with the Legion of Angels For All-Good, against the belief, and the illusion, that there is also evil.

We know that Life is eternal. There can be sorrow, there is compassion, but there is not death.

It helps to know that within the All-Good, we will experience the continuity of Life and the Grace that sustains each of us.

In order to have the personal experience that Life goes on, to experience the presence of those that have entered a different perception of Life than we are in, we have to stay in the All-Good.

This cannot be done within the dualist-world-belief of good and evil. This fact, in itself, can give us the courage to withstand the temptation to react in retaliation and condemnation.

You have heard me say countless times, “What you perceive to be reality magnifies.™”

This means that each of us chooses the reality we wish to propagate. And since what we perceive to be reality, is the reality we live within, then why not choose the Big R Reality of All-Good, the Reality of infinite Grace.

Within infinite Grace, we find the allness of Life; we find healing from the temptation to leave this state of Grace and act out of dualism.

There are those who will say this is a naive approach. It’s not. It is the only answer. It is the hardest answer. It is the decision we all must eventually make to resist the siren call of revenge and retaliation.

We can pay attention to the words we use, and to the comments we make. We can pay attention to whether we are encouraging Grace or terror.

We can be only the action and channel of All-Good. The results will mirror the omnipresence of All-Good, and this can, and will, eliminate anything unlike good from every life.

Here is the full poem referenced in the picture.

Christ My Refuge
(Mary Baker Eddy)

O’er waiting harpstrings of the mind
There sweeps a strain
Low, sad, and sweet, whose measures bind
The power of pain,

And wake a white-winged angel throng
Of thoughts, illumed
By faith, and breathed in raptured song,
With love perfumed.

Then His unveiled, sweet mercies show
Life’s burdens light.
I kiss the cross, and wake to know
A world more bright.

And o’er earth’s troubled, angry sea
I see Christ walk,
And come to me, and tenderly,
Divinely talk.

Thus Truth engrounds me on the rock,
Upon Life’s shore
‘Gainst which the winds and waves can shock,
Oh, nevermore!

From tired joy and grief afar,
And nearer Thee, —
Father, where Thine own children are,
I love to be.

My prayer, some daily good to do
To Thine, for Thee;
An offering pure of Love, whereto
God leadeth me.