Beep For What You Need

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With my right hand, I was typing away – really one finger pecking away, answering emails – while with my left hand I was pressing a button on my iPhone.

I was watering the flowers in my growing flowers app. Just seconds before I had been “beeped” alerting me to the need.

Without thinking, I did it; awkwardly of course, but I immediately pushed and held that button and rained love on pretend flowers that needed me, until their entire need was met.

As I did one thing with one hand, and took care of the flowers with the other, it reminded me of another time.

I was in ballet class, holding onto the barre with one hand, and holding a baby bottle in the other.

Attached to that bottle was my son standing in his playpen. I was in ballet class; he needed feeding, no reason I couldn’t do both! Happily, I had a teacher who let me bring him, and take care of him when needed. I remember her getting a kick out of how steady I had to be to keep that bottle right where it needed to be.

He (beeped) called, and I answered by immediately providing love, in a tangible way, until his entire need was met.

One day I didn’t feel well. As I lay in bed, I began thinking about the flower app, and the bottle incident.

I decided to imagine that I was an app sending out a beep to the One who could help me. Then I imagined the light, that is the One, flooding light down on me like the rain on my flowers, and holding what I needed steady.

That little imagination game helped a lot, because it lifted me into an increased awareness of the ever-presence of only good. I reminded myself that since there is only the ever-presence of good, than there was no room for anything claiming to be out of order, or out of harmony.

Later I beeped (emailed) someone else to help me rise even further out of a belief that there is any contagion other than the constant presence of good flowing freely and expansively to all of God’s ideas.

That increased my sense of the ever presence of good, until it eliminated all that was claiming to exist that isn’t.Click To Tweet

In the TV show called Mankind:The Story Of Us All, the history of man on earth is followed throughout time.

It explores the primary motivation of what I call counterfeit manhood. This is the belief that since there is not enough of anything for everyone, power resides in the one that can, and does, take from others to survive, thrive, and rule.

From the beginning of our time in-this-perception-we-call-earth, we have been trained to believe that lack is a truth, and having enough is power. This provides an excuse for counterfeit manhood to rule.

We know that this is not the Truth. The Divine Infinite, with Its many names, is the immense abundance that constantly provides, unconditionally, equally, and immediately. This is true Manhood in action – protecting, soothing, and providing.

The battle is not really between people. The battle is between material testimony and spiritual sense. Which one is True? It can’t be both.

Since what we perceive to be reality magnifies, I choose spiritual sense over material testimony.

Turning to spiritual sense, we discover the illusion of material testimony. We begin to understand that what appears material to us is, in Reality, the presence of the Divine, seen symbolically, and practically.

The Bible tells us this: “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”(Philippians 4:8)

Following this advice, we turn away from what isn’t working, to what is working and is good. This is the constant practice of staying on the side of spiritual sense.

In this spiritual practice, we think of true Manhood and Womanhood constantly and consistently providing to all equally and eternally. We remind ourselves that before we call, It answers, with more than we knew to ask for.

However, whenever you need to, go ahead and send out that beep. Ask for help waking up to Reality. There are many who will answer that call for you.

May you, at all times, notice, and experience, the rain of divine Love’s light and provision that falls upon you now, and forever.


(Photo taken by my daughter. Click Here To See More)

  • I love that story of you feeding Charles while in ballet class. Of course! Lovely post, as always.

  • It’s funny how those kinds of things just imprint into your mind, to pop up so many years later. Glad you like it!!

  • Jamie Lewis

    Loved this article on how easy it is to just ‘beep’ and help is there! Perfect expression of staying in the Reality of One. Thanks Beca for another lovely lesson!!

  • Thanks Jamie!