The Shift

I am updating this page .. but still .. you can see from the drop down menu how many Home Study Courses we have developed ..

So you are not missing anything while I re-write the page .. the courses are still here.

Be sure to check out one of the ongoing favorites – The 28 Day Shift To Wealth


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What Others Say

I Am Grateful for The Shift....... and my growing Awareness of the Grace of Living...... Jet
Thanks for continuing enlightenment as we walk along this path together on what seems mysterious at times, but more and more shows itself as magnificent. Barb
This is the best community that anyone could ever hope to belong to!!! Jamie
You do such a beautiful job of expressing "What Is"! Kamala
I really love the way you take the mundane and give it new light. Those are truly the "aha's" that stay with us...when we look at a pattern in a new way. Those learned behaviors feel like such safe ground. After all, we know those areas. They take no thinking. Our minds can go somewhere else while we are doing them. And that is where the Staying Awake comes in. Joann Turner

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