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Since “What You Perceive To Be Reality Magnifies,” imagine the outcome of taking just 30 seconds a day to become more aware and to consciously choose what you are going to focus on for the day. This is a succinct daily email that lasts for 401 days.

The Daily Nudge follows a multitude of subjects ranging from love to purpose. It will make a difference in how you view and think about your day, and therefore your life! (It’s Free)

Please share these Daily Nudges with a friend or two! They make for a great conversation starter!

Thank you!

Beca Lewis

Thanks for these beautiful, in depth reminders of Truth. You are a Master with words. Every time I read one of these I take a big breath of fresh air and let out one of the binding kinks of my life…like a rubber-band that has held all the wrong coils and twists..coming lose and free. Thank you!!!!. Love and Blessings Merri

Thank you so much for Your Daily Nudge. It truly is an inspired idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeanne Cutillo

I am breathless from the beauty and truth of this first “Nudge” for me. I can honestly say that it was more than a nudge, it was more like running a bow across the strings of my heart. –the compound idea of God, Infinite Intelligence. Of course, it’s what I have always desired. It is. Thank you so much for the powerful nudge. I love it and look forward to the next. Love, Dianne Brown