What I like most is thinking about, and designing ways to shift my story about myself and my world. And thinking about how I can help you shift your story because if we do – if we shift our story to something that works – better than what was working five minutes ago – then the world will absolutely shift with us.

Yes, this is a principle, yes I will talk about it more, but in this short podcast, this is what I want to say.

This is a new version of shifting the story podcast. Most of the shift the story podcasts from this point on will be Just Beca.

You didn’t hear any music before I started, you won’t hear any at the end, it will be between five and ten minutes at the most, easy to pop into your day.

It doesn’t mean I won’t be having guests on the show; I will if I don’t have to chase them. And when I do, they will be the normal twenty minutes long.

And that is my first shift the story idea. That we are allowed to change our mind. Change what we do as life changes, as we get wiser, as we incorporate life lessons we learn along the way.

Because what I would like to bring to you weekly, or maybe every other week is an example of what I mean by shifting the story.

Listen to hear the first story.

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Show Notes – Episode #99

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