UnearthingYourUniqueSelfThis is the second podcast episode in the series called The Shift Shuttle. The first one answered more about the how, why, what and who of The Shift.

It’s a great place to start if you haven’t heard it yet.

In this episode, I cover some of the basis premises of The Shift and give you at least three really really good tools you can use right now to help with any and every shift going on in your life.

Originally this series was recorded just for The Shift community way back in 2008. Now we have re-released them out into the wild so to speak.

To get this podcast ready for its new debut, I had to listen to it, and in doing so heard many nuggets of truth and inspiration that I need to put back into my own practice.

Listen to this podcast and become even more willing, and ready, to shift your perceptions to the Reality of One!

Show Notes – Episode #15

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The first book in The Shift Series Living In Grace: The Shift To Spiritual Perception

More on the four questions. the second book in The Shift Series The Four Essential Questions: The Shift To Spiritually Healthy Habits

Here’s the Money Worksheets Download Here

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