Mary_MarcdanteMary Marcdante is my guest for this podcast. I could tell you that she is a writer, business woman, coach, friend … so may ways to describe her.

But, in this episode you will meet Mary the woman who had just lost her long time friend, who just happened to be a cat.

Whether you are a lover of pets or not, it won’t matter, because this episode is all about the beauty of love and the fullness of life.

Mary shares how we can all be more present in our life, not just for ourselves but so that the world benefits from the gifts that we bring.

Listen now to Mary and share the love!

Show Notes – Episode #28 – Find Mary

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Podcasts Mentioned By Mary

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Mary’s books

My Mother, My Friend: The Ten Most Important Things to Talk About With Your Mother
Living with Enthusiasm: How the 21-Day Smile Diet Can Change Your Life

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