Seth Godin says that either we are in resistance or going forward. It’s Steven Pressfield’s word that he is using. Pressfield brought resistance out of hiding in his fantastic book The War of Art

Don’t think this applies to you because you are not an artist? Not so. We all are invited to live every aspect our life as an art. It is a form of resistance that claims otherwise.

This mini podcast is all about that bully and liar called resistance.

So what is resistance? Different cultures have called it by different names. Monkey mind, lizard brain, Mortal mind, evil, the devil, doubt; the names are legion.

But, all these names refer to the idea that there is something – call it what you will – that does not want us to move forward.

I don’t mean the move forward of getting ahead or being successful although that may be the outcome of moving forward.

No, moving forward to answer our soul’s calling. Saying it that way may make some people move away. Maybe you know people that say, “Oh, I don’t have a soul’s calling. That’s all that religious and spiritual woo – woo.”

You probably aren’t listening to this podcast if you think it’s woo woo. But, still, we all need to be reminded that there is a reason we are all “here.” Where “here” is, will have to be tabled for another podcast, perhaps more than one other podcast.

This podcast is about defeating resistance and moving forward.

Our soul’s calling is different for each of us. Big, or little, all callings are all equally important. It’s only the world view that turns it into something to do with numbers, or fame, or acknowledgment.

Listen to learn more…

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