Be A Life Gambler-STS-107-Beca Lewis

The conference was over, and I was standing in line waiting for lunch. I was in a hotel/casino in Las Vegas. In Vegas, gambling is the product. They want you to gamble. They need you to gamble.

There is almost nowhere you can go where there are not flashing lights, smoke, noise and lever pulling with people sitting on stools in front of the machines in the semi dark. Looking for a little luck.

It was a strange juxtaposition between the two groups of people I saw each day. The conference attendees and the people at the machines.

They had something in common, and at the same time were at the opposite ends of the pole.

You have heard the definition of luck as preparation meets opportunity. Well, both groups of people had prepared. We writers had all prepared to come to the same physical location to determine if we could expand our lives. The gamblers had done the same thing. In both groups, people traveled. Some from far away.

Both groups had to believe that what they were about to do would be successful. Both groups had to do work to make it happen.

And that is the beginning of what makes these two groups of people poles apart.

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Show Notes – Episode #107

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