The Months

June – Presenter – Adviser – STS52

Prophecy and revelation, the magic of the number six, inner knowing and faith are just a few of the symbols and messages that Del and I discuss in this podcast about the month of June. That’s not all! We also talk about the porcupine, the moon of June, self-fulling prophecy, and dragons! We all pass through June once a year. Why not fully understand the messages, and symbols that it brings. It’s a practice that is easy to follow and one everyone is the world can do at the exact same time. And that’s pretty cool! Shifting the story together!

May – Listen – Thinker – STS43

I admit it, this is one of my favorite months. Not just because it is “our” month, and I have so many friends and family born in May, not just because it can be one of the most beautiful months of the year – no, it’s more than that. I love that May is the listener – thinker. Listening, and thinking sometimes appear to be lost arts in our hurry up and shut up world that we live in. In this month we can practice the idea of silence, and discover its treasures. In this podcast we celebrate May by talking about the symbols of the listening woman, the color black, deer, the hawk, ant, and armadillo. Plus the number 5 with all the symbols of what it means in many cultures around the world. I love that we can always count on the silence to hear any message that we need to hear. It’s that message, coming from within, that carries truth and power. Let’s continue to practice the arts of listening and thinking, it can only make our world a much better place, and our lives rich beyond measure.

April – Seer – Motivator – STS43

Ah, the beauty of new beginnings. That’s April! This month we talk about the necessity to begin from the right premise. That we are all one. That we can stand within the center of the circle, or the center of the pause. That we can and must “see” much more than meets the eye. We also cover the number twelve in great detail, the collapse of the wave function, and what Mad Bear taught Del. Plus, the hawk, the east, the event horizon and black holes, Taiji, and the somersault into the inconceivable. When Del and I began this series on the months, we started with April, a perfect place for new beginnings. Our intent was, and is, to expand the framework of Perception and in doing so, reveal more proof that we are all One. Del begins this podcast with a discussion of 3 different kinds of symbols. A great place to begin as we shift the story together.

March – Regulate – Refine-STS39

This month it is all about March and its symbols. The eagle, the number 3, the color brown, the three jewels of the body, the fact that the observer and the observer are one, and energy. Del also covers the states of mind called, Alpha, Theta, Beta, and Delta. Which one do we live in? Which one are we aiming to live in? We talk more about illusion, what is it? Plus why chasing goals is even more than a waste of time, and the big question … what is Truth?

February – Access and Appraise – STS34

February is the month we focus on Honoring The Truth In All Things. It is the month of the Accessor – Appraiser. These ideas don’t just apply to those born in February, it’s for all of us as we move through the month. This podcast was recorded in 2010 which is why we mention the year of the tiger. (Yes, we were ahead of the podcast movement.) This year, 2016, it will be the year of the monkey. All symbols that help us find the purpose of our life. As in all the month podcasts – only twelve after all – we focus on everything ranging from what the color of the month, the animal of the month, the number of the month, notes from the Chinese, Tom Brown, Stalking Wolf, and the value of pausing the business of life. Plus, the idea of dissolving frozen moments. But, most of all Del covers all seven directions – yes seven – along with what they symbolize and the animals associated with them. And much, much, more!

January – Seek And Do – STS30

In these Podcasts on The Months our intent is to share the connections found in nature, the Bible, Native American teachings, eastern pailosophies, quantum physics, numbers, and colors, to name a few – all of which point to the spiritual meanings of the season and each month. This podcast on January covers everything from birds, to dark matter, to the true meaning of debt (and how not to have it). We talk about inner calm, kinship with all things, and my favorite subject of all – perception. January is the month in which we all have a desire to begin anew. Fresh, open, ready to experience the beauty and abundance of our lives. It is the month of the Seeker – Doer. In spite of tradition it is not a month to set resolutions, which are just surface to do’s that we may or may not be able to keep. Instead, it is a month to set our intent. To find the deep meaning of who we are, and what we do. My hope is that this podcast helps you on that path to self awareness.

December – Feel The Gratitude – STS27

Almost all of us think “holidays” when we think of December, but do we also think of it being the month of gratitude, or of the Dreamer – Counselor?
In this podcast on December we not only follow the Seneca’s ideas of what December represents, but also the Chinese idea of the mind of Toa and the three jewels in our bodies. All symbolic of course.

We also discuss the idea of Entanglement encountered within quantum theory, inner silence, and a somersault of thought as expressed by Don Juan. There is also the number twelve, white, the north direction and the tobacco ceremony. But it is the power of gratitude that holds it all together and heals the illusion of separation. December is a wonderful month to let go of the habit of looking at what doesn’t work, and practice the habit of looking at what does work. That is a habit that will pay unimaginable dividends throughout our lives. When things don’t appear to be going well, take a the only magic pill there is – the pill of gratitude. It works every time.

November – Walk In Truth – STS22

This episode on the month of November is packed with inspiring ideas and interesting information. You will learn what the wolf howling at the moon means, hear how Penn and Taylor explain magic, how you can hide in plain sight, and what why November is about attracting and releasing. Plus the number 11, the rhythm of November and how we access it, a story about the value of paying attention by reviewing our actions, releasing ourselves from the prison of human beliefs, and the tree as the symbol of man. There is so much more, like why is it the month to focus on Walk In Truth, but one of my favorite pieces of information is how five hundred million empire state buildings relate to the human body!

October – Harvest And Creativity – STS18

Worker – Creator No matter where you are in the world, October comes around once a year. We all have it in common. Like every month, October carries with it lessons and ideas for us to use to expand our understanding of ourselves and the universe we live within. The month of October asks us [...]

September Reveals Its Secrets – STS13

Every month reveals important information that helps us better understand our place in the universe and gives us a chance to deepen our understanding, break old habits, and move forward in life. In this episode about the month of September we discuss the mystery of number nine. Listen, and you will discover how often it impacts your life. Plus we discuss the bear, the color green, entangled particles, stability, and the inconceivable. We all pass through the month of September once a year. Why not learn what it has to teach you. Plus, if you were born in September, you will learn more about the gifts you arrived with.

August – Teacher – Server – STS9

Learn about the power and necessity of silence, and how to attain it. We discuss Quantum Physics, Stalking Wolf, Tom Brown, Revelations, the color blue, womanhood, the shining mind, and the clothes in your closet. Take the time to listen. You will find a wealth of information for everyone who experiences the month of August each year and would like to get the most from it! And for those of you who arrived into this world in August, it is even more important for you to know.

July – Lover – Conqueror – STS5

This podcast part of the series on the months of the year. It may sound like, oh so what, but if you listen, you will be surprised how many tools for shifting your perception, and therefore your life, you will find contained within each month’s secrets. Del shares story after story, from the Seneca Indians, Bible, quantum physics, numerology … I couldn’t keep track . And even though I was there, I have to listen over and over again to get all the gems. Listen to this one ready to take notes!

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