The Shift Shuttle

The Truth About Your Money -STS58- A Shift Shuttle with Beca Lewis

This is about the perception and actuality of money. So many of us are confused and confounded by it. It’s no wonder. We have been trained that we need to get it and keep it, and yet the worldview game is set up to stop most of us from having it. Obviously we need to shift our perception about wealth. And that is what we are going to do on this shift shuttle. The wider the river, the bigger the flood. Let’s open the floodgates of wealth, Let’s be bold and follow our dreams, enjoying the process. Let’s be willing to pay attention to the little things and be grateful for what is already present. Let’s choose our money AND our life!

How Many Signs Does It Take -STS41- A Shift Shuttle With Beca Lewis

Have you ever wondered if you are allowed to have a good life? Wondered if you are allowed to be who you want to be, do want you desire, live a life that makes you happy? I will tell you stories in this podcast, and give you practical tools, that will help eliminate this idea forever. Instead of waiting for the universe to bop you over the head with a 2 x 4 you can quickly see the signs of needing to make a new choice, and easily shift to the path that is calling you. It’s all about perception because as you and I know, it always is. We have to control our preconceived ideas to see what is really going on, in order to see, receive, and use what is already present in our life as a gift. You’ll laugh at some of these stories, maybe recognize stories like them in your life. Most of all, we all move forward into the life we were meant to live, together.

Shift What You Believe -STS29 – A Shift Shuttle With Beca Lewis

This is the third podcast in The Shift Shuttle series. It is full of stories. Stories about the power of the feminine within, stories about why some things we believe to be true, are not – stories about birds, my mother’s kitchen, fog, and dreaming. All stories about how it has always been – so we can choose to shift what we believe, to what is actually true. I tell stories about discovering who you really are, and living it, stories about being willing to grow and bloom in life. Although this was recorded years ago, the ideas have not changed. What has always been – is not necessarily what is true. And until we know the difference – we are not truly free. It’s time to make your shift.

Nothing Changes Until Our Beliefs Do -STS7- A Shift Shuttle with Beca Lewis

In the past, many people asked me how did the shift get started, what is it, why is it, and who are you anyway. In this podcast I answer those questions, and share stories you might never have heard. Why, because instead of keeping things to myself, I decided that sharing them would make a difference. Come – let’s shift some beliefs together, because that is the only way things will change – ever.

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