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What is true dominion? Is it the dominion over others or is the dominion over our thoughts? If you are listening to this, you probably already know the answer. In this podcast, Del and I explore how discernment is a requirement of true dominion and how we can learn and practice it. Plus, really interesting stories about people whose skill at awareness is nothing short of astonishing. Stay with us as we explore the questions and answers to who and what has power of us, and what is true and what isn’t. It is all good - and it is definitely a shift of the story.

What is perception? What are the modes of perception? How powerful IS perception? How must we identify ourselves in our perception? What difference will it make? In this reality shift Del and I explore the idea of perception. Wait, you may say, don’t you always talk about perception? YES - I do. But this time we are going to talk about in terms of how we identify ourselves. It is a helpful hint on how to identify ourselves as spiritual beings and yet live what appears to be a human life. Hum … yes, we are shifting the story - again!

Identifying and defeating the predator - forever? Is it possible? What do we mean by a predator? What kinds of predators are there? In this Reality Shift, Del and I explore the idea of predators. Admittedly, not anyone’s favorite subject, but something we all need to talk about at some point. However, I think you will find that we approach the idea of predator differently than you might expect. We’ll cover how they operate, what tools they use, how we identify them, how to protect ourselves, and how do we defeat a predator forever - without becoming on ourselves. It’s a podcast about freedom. Definitely shifting the story!

Beginning with the right premise means we end up with a correct answer. This is true in every aspect of life. But when we are attempting to live our lives based on our highest understanding of Truth then it becomes critical. In these Reality Shifts my husband, Del Piper, and I explore such seemingly diverse subjects as Chinese healing, lines of demarcation, qualities, Mad Bear and the False Face Society, just to name a few. This time we focus on the idea of possession, protection, and provision and touch on the four steps to shifting from a material perception to a spiritual one. What’s the difference between being possessed, and possession. Let’s find out.

The title of this podcast is inspired by the Don Juan quote in The Power of Silence. “A crucial point of reference is freedom of perception; it is intent, it is the spirit, the somersault of thought into the miraculous; the act of reaching beyond our boundaries and touching the inconceivable.” In this podcast, we continue to trace Del's experiences with the Native American teachers that have guided him through the years and entwine what he learned with the principles of The Shift. You'll hear about Rolling Thunder, Sunbear, Wallace Black Elk, and Twyla Nitsch. It's a podcast full of stories, enjoy!

The title of this podcast is inspired by the Don Juan quote in The Power of Silence. “A crucial point of reference is freedom of perception; it is intent, it is the spirit, the somersault of thought into the miraculous; the act of reaching beyond our boundaries and touching the inconceivable.” In this podcast, we trace Del's experiences with the Native American teachers that have guided him through the years and entwine what he learned with the principles of The Shift. You'll hear about Rolling Thunder, Sunbear, Wallace Black Elk, and Twyla Nitsch. Plus stories about sweat lodges and how nature collaborates.

As I listened to this podcast to prepare it for its re-release, I was caught up again in the simplicity of consciously choosing the reality we want to experience. Of course, it means we have to know ourselves well enough to make that shift, but we always have the right, and ability to do so. The why of its importance is sometimes so obvious we forget, and that’s what I think this series does - reminds us of the reasons, and the outcome. Once again, Del and I cover a multitude of subjects, including hypnotism, struggle, states of perception, and what happens when we shift. What changes? It’s a subtle but important answer. Since we do get to choose the reality we perceive, let’s bring ourselves to the point of view of the best reality we can imagine. In this way, we might touch the edge of big R Reality, and experience some of the infinite of its care for all of its expressions, unlimited and consistent care.

This is one of my favorite reality shift podcasts. We were a little ahead of the podcast movement because we recorded this in 2008, but re-releasing it only makes me love it more. The question, what reality do you live in really is huge! And Del and I attempt to answer not only the question but provoke us all into choosing the reality we want to live within. We ask the question - what if this is a game? What would that mean? What kind of game is it? Is there a way out? We explore ideas ranging from quantum physics, nature studies, spirituality, and Native American wisdom. It’s the first in a two-part series - all about shifting perception and thereby shifting the reality you live in, with the intent of shifting to Big R Reality, the reality of the infinite.

This podcast is the second in the series where we explore the relationship between Quantum Physics and Spirituality, and the idea of living from the within to the without. I start by asking Del to review the idea that physicists begin by exploring the “without” and his answer should inspire even more questions. We hope it will lead you into deeper and deeper thoughts about the essence of life, and find joy in the knowledge that there is much more to it than what we see with our eyes. Listen

In this podcast we explore the relationship between Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Are they the same? Are they different? How and why? Because there is so much to explore and learn from, we divided the subject into two podcasts. In this one we begin with the idea that everything begins within, and then we see it without. Whether we are talking about quantum physics or the human condition or spiritual big R Reality, this is true. Since this is true, it becomes imperative to understand what is happening within. So come with me, and as we Shift The Story … together.

This episode's title is weird, but true. Everyone knows that we only see what we believe because we have all experienced it. But how does it affect our daily life? How often to we apply this principle, instead of the attraction principle, which will often lead us astray. In this podcast Del and I cover everything from wide angle vision to sweat lodges, the true dominion of the feminine aspect of each of us, and most of all how to start looking for what you want to see. What are you going to choose to look for, knowing that where your focus is, that is what you will see. You know that what you perceive to be reality magnifies. so choose well! The most important thing of all is to remember is that we are more than meets the eye. Listen, and you'll see.

Life is full of signs and symbols, but how do we interpret them? What if we misunderstand them? In this episode we continue the discussion we started in the first of this series on Understanding Signs and Symbols. Why is this important? Because all spiritual teachings come through symbols. Del shares how to correctly interpret - very important - signs and symbols, what causes - and stops - addictions, and how all memories are false. This is a really good thing to know. We will take you on a journey into signs following, where you absolutely can discover what you believe in. Why is this important … oh you already know … what we believe inside is what we get outside. Our point of view always has a sign following, always. And when it begins in the worldview it will always swing from good to bad and back again. How do we step out of that?
What about how to deal with someone who is acting as your enemy - we explain that too.

We are never without a guide in this journey. Signs and symbols are always with us to lead us where we need to go. Learn how to translate them back to their original language, spiritual direction. We begin with the idea of understanding - what is it? From there we move on to the third step in The Shift, understanding signs and symbols. What are they? How do the affect us? Should we follow them? Should we ignore them? Some of the symbols we explore are breadcrumbs, zip lines, levels of faith, boxes and more boxes, and the shift key on your computer. In this episode you just might find some answers to questions you have, or the question that fits an answer you already know. What you can be sure of, is you will be exploring ideas that will benefit you in each day of your life.

Del and I have great discussions when no one is listening. One day, it occurred to us that perhaps others would like to hear those discussions, and that is how this series of Reality Shifts came about. In order to set the foundation, this first podcast is me interviewing Del about how he got started on his journey. Once we got started, we discovered we had many things to discuss, so watch for more Reality Shifts, but this one is where we began. Listen to Del explain how he found everything from meditation to studying with people like Rolling Thunder, and the results, in this episode of Shift The Story podcast, all about being calm, and the results of being accurate in action.

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  • Just binged on two episodes and they didn't disappoint
    February 21, 2017 by The Walking Deb from United States

    I love Beca Lewis's perspective about what it means to shift your story and she introduces great guests who have shifted in a variety of ways. There's no one way to do it!!! I just listened to Kate Potter (9/12/16) and Barbara St. Dennis (2/13/17). Both of these ladies are holistic practitioners and healers. I'm always amazed by what I've never heard about even when I think I've heard it all.

  • Diane
    March 4, 2016 by Beca's Podcast from United States

    I have been thoroughly enjoying every one of Beca's podcasts. Each guest brings their unique experience and expertise and Beca asks wonderful questions so we can get a better and deeper understanding of that experience. Always a pleasure!

  • Shift the Story
    September 30, 2015 by BeautifulJourneys from United States

    Thanks Beca for these interviews with others making shifts in their story (sometimes big ones!) with grace and ease. It's helpful to hear what led them to change, their why's and how's.

  • Love Having These At My Fingertips!
    August 21, 2015 by Jet Tucker from United States

    So wonderful to listen to these. Expansive and helpful, and now, so easy to access!

  • What’s your story!?
    August 12, 2015 by Jamie Lewis Lykens from United States

    I love these podcasts so much! Each one offers another way to look at your life and gives ideas and the encouragement to make the changes, the shifts, that will make your life better. I highly recommend checking out these podcasts. You are sure to come away with some wonderful inspiration. I know I did!

  • The Secrets of August Revealed
    August 4, 2015 by LinnMoffett from United States

    Strongly resonated with this particular podcast due to my innate daily practice of listening to, watching, and silently speaking love to the universe that caresses us all. Found it did help to clarify minor aspects of thought that adjust and expand an already conscious idea - beautiful! Thank you Beca & Del!

    July 27, 2015 by MattMcWilliams from United States

    Shift The Story Podcast is awesome. Beca Lewis is doing a great job. Keep up the awesome!

  • Such an important message!
    July 13, 2015 by filledwithhope from Canada

    I’m so grateful to Beca for creating this podcast. Our world - inner and outer - is desperate for a new story based on the authentic soul of who we are. The box of cultural conditioning has hurt us all and it’s time for radical transformation. Thank you Beca for your authentic heart and love of truth. This is the greatest shift of all.

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