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Expect The Unknown To Be Normal-STS100-Beca Lewis

The unknown normal and a talking bag of chips, what more could you want from a mini Shift The Story podcast? Take a trip with me as we talk about expecting the unknown, discovering the healing power of vibrations, and what happens when you talk to plants. If you like these short Just Beca podcasts [...]

You Are Allowed To Change Your Mind-STS99-Beca Lewis

What I like most is thinking about, and designing ways to shift my story about myself and my world. And thinking about how I can help you shift your story because if we do – if we shift our story to something that works – better than what was working five minutes ago – then the world will absolutely shift with us. Yes, this is a principle, yes I will talk about it more, but in this short podcast, this is what I want to say. This is a new version of shifting the story podcast. Most of the shift the story podcasts from this point on will be Just Beca. You didn’t hear any music before I started, you won’t hear any at the end, it will be between five and ten minutes at the most, easy to pop into your day. It doesn’t mean I won’t be having guests on the show; I will if I don’t have to chase them. And when I do, they will be the normal twenty minutes long. And that is my first shift the story idea. That we are allowed to change our mind. Change what we do as life changes, as we get wiser, as we incorporate life lessons we learn along the way. Because what I would like to bring to you weekly, or maybe every other week is an example of what I mean by shifting the story. Listen to hear the first story.

What You Do With What You See-STS80-Beca Lewis

As I record this it’s the holiday season. But no matter when you listen, know that this is my gift from me to you. Let’s remember who we really are, so we can shift our stories out of any version that is not working for us and into the light. We are the object that divine light shines upon, and in this world, we are the light – the emitters of light, the reflectors of light. As light, we bring light to every situation. We are the beauty of the light revealing all that is good, and we are the light uncovering all that needs to be cleaned.

What Really Happened In The Belly Of The Whale

In this podcast I talk about the meaning behind Jonah and the whale, plus a little Native American and gaming symbolism thrown in. It’s about purpose, and living our unique spiritual blessing, instead of running, hiding, lying, and waiting. And I tell two of my favorite jokes to get us started. How are you using [...]

The Seven Step Shift To Wealth With Beca Lewis

In this podcast I will take you through seven steps that will change the way you experience wealth. To make it easy, I’ll use the word WEALTH to give you trigger words to help make this shift. For example, the first letter W – stands for WAKE UP. We wake up to the fact that wealth is all around us. We’ll continue through the word, working on how we can shift our perception of wealth so that we will experience this truth consistently. You can listen straight through this podcast, or pause between each section, for few minutes or take a day and think through what you heard. Or perhaps play the whole thing over and over again for seven straight days. Which ever way you choose to work with this podcast, it will shift your perception about wealth, and that’s a very good thing.

Disguising Ourselves As Human

Throughout the years I have done some speaking across the country, sometimes I get to address lovely churches and their congregations. Since most of you aren’t there, I thought I would pop into our regular programming and share one with you, every once in awhile. This one will only take up about five minutes of your time, but I think it has a visual impact that will last much longer. I am starting with this one, because I often think of it,and I often refer to the story … and now when I do … you will know what I am talking about. The question is – are we human? Or are we not. And if we claim to be human, how limiting is that claim? Listen to this episode and you will know the answer.

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