Make Being Happy The Guide Post For Your Life-STS57-Amy Harrison

THE MOMENT I started listening to my guest Amy Harrison’s podcast I started smiling, and it never stopped. I became an immediate fan of her advice and her outlook on life. Amy lives and shares her creative ideas and joy as a copywriter, but it is so much more than that. Her life has taken many twists and turns but creativity and being happy are the guideposts. I bet you won’t be able to take the smile off of your face either as you listen to the wisdom and inspiration Amy shares as we shift the story together.

A Simple Key To Success – Be Authentic with Dave Kaminski

Years ago, when Del and I started thinking about making video’s for his business and then put them up on his website we were both completely stumped. We had absolutely no idea how to do it. So I did the obvious thing, I googled it, and was lucky enough to find my guest today who really, really, really knew how to do it. Not only that, he knows how to explain it. Who is this magic person? It’s Dave Kaminski, the founder of Web Video University. But, this podcast is not about making videos, it is about shifting stories, and Dave’s story about he built the life he wants to live can be applied to whatever you want to do. The primary key that he shares? Do it, and be it, with authenticity. No matter what kind of life you are designing for yourself, the tips Dave shares are powerfully effective!

Bring Heaven Closer To Earth With God Writing With Gloria Wendroff

Have you heard of Heaven Letters? If not, you will want to know all about them after listening to my guest today, Gloria Wendroff. Gloria and I have been internet friends for over 18 years so it was a great pleasure to hear her voice and her stories, and I know you will feel the same after listening to her. You’ll learn how she started writing heaven letters and teaching god writing. She even shares things that god wants us to know – that are incredibly powerful and freeing. You’ll have to listen to the very end to hear what God says about karma and forgiveness! It is most likely not what you expect. Sometimes you may have to listen very closely to hear Gloria, but it will be worth it. I promise.

How Do You Shift Reality With Cynthia Sue Larson

My guest today is Cynthia Sue Larson. Cynthia’s website is Reality Shifters. With a name and focus like that, you would think we would have found each other years ago. And yet, it was just a few months ago that we discovered that the idea that we can, should, and do shift our realities and that we have a choice to shift our story was what we both have been talking about our whole lives. It was exciting for us, and as you listen to Cynthia I know it will be for you too. Cynthia’s background as a physicist makes it even more enticing.

Choose To Live A Creative Life With Claudia Taller

One day I told my husband that I was going to add more into my life that I love, because I love it, and only for that reason. The next time I checked my email I found an email from someone I did not know, offering a retreat with all the creative things I had just said I wanted to add more of into my life. And I could drive to it! Of course I had to ask the email writer Claudia Taller to be a guest on this podcast. She had read my mind. Claudia writes and talks about a life spent exploring creativity. Write because you want to, draw because it moves you, in fact do what moves you, no matter what it is. Live creatively! Isn’t she speaking our language? How did she come to the decision to live that kind of life? What shifts did she, and does she make in order to do so? Listen and she’ll share the how and why on this podcast as we shift the story together.

What Life Does Your Heart Want To Live with Laurie Brown

Laurie Brown and I met on Instagram. I fell instantly in love with her posts filled with birds, and the beautiful jewelry she crafts in remembrance of them. I loved that she symbolized a heart based way to look at life, and once I talked to her I loved it even more. Laurie chooses her life based on what is most important to her, not what the world says is important. Laurie asks us all the question, what life do we want to live, what kind of world, what are our hearts calling for us to do. How she got there is a wonderful story, and what she is doing with it is lovely. You have to listen to this women who lives with the birds and let her inspire you.

Stop Trying To Fit In With Sherri Cannon

My guest today. Sherri Cannon. has run her successful coaching practice for over 20 years. So of course you can expect wonderful words of wisdom and deep insight learned from coaching thousands and thousands of people, and you certainly will hear that. But, you will also hear how she learned to stop hiding her “shout” and say no to environments and demands that didn’t fit who she is, relax into what she wanted instead of working to overcome it, and what happened to move her into listening mode. Everyone of us has at one time or another tried to fit in, instead of being who we really are and designing a life that fits us. This podcast will help move you to a new place of courage and awareness. Find your shout with Sherri as we shift the story together.

No To Limitation and Yes To Adventure with Roxana Lewis

Somewhere in the middle of this podcast with my guest Roxana Lewis you may be be saying to yourself “Wow – you’re kidding me.” By the end, you will be even more amazed. Seriously. Not kidding. Roxana went from considering herself an ordinary and normal person to discovering she isn’t, and neither are any of us if we so choose. She even explains what to do to find our non-normal and extraordinary self. Here’s a hint about something you will find in this podcast. Roxana says, “DISRUPT AGING. While some think of aging as decline, I think of it as growth. There are those that say older people are burdens, I think I am a contributor.” I don’t want to give too much away. Get ready to hear how she shifted her story, and let her inspire us to make the same kind of shift in our lives.

From Doctor To Writer With Scott Zarcinas

IMAGINE TRADING THE LIFE of a successful doctor for a life of a writer and publisher. That is exactly what Scott, otherwise known as Dr. Zed, did. Scott tells a powerful story of why he choose to shift his life. It is a story you will not forget. He lives the idea that we must first define our purpose and let everything else flow from there. I know you will be inspired to reexamine exactly what you want to do with your life after listening to Dr. Zed.

What Do You Do When Your Life Falls Apart with Karen Malik

HAVE YOU EVER found yourself thinking of someone that you haven’t seen for years, and the desire to talk to them won’t go away? I couldn’t stop thinking about about my guest Karen Malik. So I went searching, and when I found her I discovered why she was on my mind. In this podcast Karen shares what she did when her whole life unexpectedly fell apart. What she passes on to us is profound, important, and ultimately filled with promise. What would you do if everything that had defined your life was gone. One of the first thing that Karen does is pause. And listen. And now is following her new call. Her willingness to listen to guidance is an inspiration. We met years ago when Karen was a facilitator and fabulous teacher at the retreat center where Del and I met. As we said goodbye that year, we knew we would do something else together in the future. I am delighted that this podcast is part of that future. Let’s listen to Karen explain how she stayed true to herself in spite of devastating outside circumstances.

Choose The Story You Want To Live With Karen Caplan

Today my guest is Karen Caplan the President and CEO of Frieda’s, a family run produce business responsible for bringing almost every interesting vegetable and fruit you can think of to your table. The company, and the founder who happens to be Karen’s mom Frieda, are featured in a new movie called Fear No Fruit. Great title for an inspiring story! Watch it, you will be amazed. It is a shift the story adventure. In this podcast Karen talks about how she deals with stress both within the business and personally. She shares how she learned to ask for help, and what happened because she did. Karen is well known in the produce world, a long time friend, and one of the first people to take The Shift Course way back when. I am delighted that she took the time to talk with me about her process of shifting a story and the power of conscious choice.

How To Be Your Creative Self with Mary Akers

My guest today is Mary Akers. Mary lives in the world of writing. Or said another way, she lives, and makes her living, in the world of art. What does that mean? How does she do it? Why does she do it? How does she deal with resistance? All questions we explored together, with Mary providing wonderful insight into the process of living creatively. And since this is a podcast about shifting I asked her what other shifts has she made in her life other than what she does around art, and her answer was menopause. Yep! What she says will surprise and delight you! Ready to find out what she said? Come with me as we shift the story together!

How To Just Do It With Suzy Prudden

My guest today is Suzy Prudden. We start with a brief session on how we met (it involved big plastic rings and speaking). Then we settle into the many shifts that Suzy has made through out the years. She started in fitness – following in her mom’s footsteps – and then headed into her own territory, succeeding and selling businesses as she went along. Now, she has started another idea and after fifty years in business considers it the one she is going to love the most. She talks about money, success, failing, spirituality, and art. If you have ever wondered about the value of learning as you go – Suzy has stories that will answer that question.

Choose To Do Good with J.Thorn

My guest today is the prolific writer, and musician, J.Thorn. Whether you are a writer, or musician, or neither you will love what he has to say – with a little bit of laughter, a lot of wisdom. James talks about the practice of doing good. A simple, yet profound way to live. We discuss what he calls epic failure, and continuing on anyway. About the decision to not stop and to keep on with persistence and grit. How to be smart about your work. And most of all, trust the universe. I know you will be inspired by the way he chooses to see the world, and live his life. If each of us takes just a tiny piece of what he shares and makes it part of our lives, we would all experience a changed world. James has a new book that he co-wrote with Joanna Penn. Be sure to check it out in the show notes.

From Hobby To Life Purpose With Paula Sassi

Have you noticed how often we are guided from one path to another, and how often we would not have chosen a path but for the circumstances that seemingly forced it upon us? And then later, we look back and see that it was the perfect path for us to take? That’s what happened to my guest Paula Sassi. She decided to do something as a hobby and it became her life’s work. She became a master at unraveling our hidden mysteries simply by reading our handwriting. Paula has wonderful stories to tell about about shifting and thriving, and following the open path.

Invitations Everywhere With Dee and C.W. Gruenig

My guests today are Dee and CW Gruenig. Does the name Dee Gruenig ring a bell? Perhaps you saw her on the Carol Duvall show on HGTV or bought her rubber stamps, or heard her talk around the country about her passion of what she calls “Art Without Anxiety.” C.W. is her husband and he wrote a book about Dee called “Invitations Everywhere: Say Yes As Dee Gruenig Did.” If you ever wondered if it is possible to build the life that you want simply by following your heart, and sharing your passion with the world, this podcast will give you your answer. C.W. and Dee have given us some wonderful examples of what that means, and what will happen when we do. Dee talks about her life as a magical journey and invites us to go on the same journey. Why not. Invitations are everywhere. Dee asks us to wake up to them and then most important of all, act on them. Dee and C.W. will inspire you to do just that!

Share Who You Are With Mary Marcdante – STS28

Mary Marcdante is my guest for this podcast. I could tell you that she is a writer, business woman, coach, friend … so may ways to describe her. But, in this episode you will meet Mary the woman who had just lost her long time friend, who just happened to be a cat. Whether you are a lover of pets or not, it won’t matter, because this episode is all about the beauty of love and the fullness of life. Mary share how we can all be more present in our life, not just for ourselves but so that the world benefits from the gifts that we bring. Listen now to Mary and share the love!

Success Is Guaranteed When You Follow Your Heart With Sandy Hackett

My guest in this episode is Sandy Hackett. Yes the son of Buddy Hackett. I asked him if being the son of such a famous person make life easier or harder for him. However, before he answered the question, he let me know that I had asked the wrong question, and then he shared his journey in life – full of shifts. He shared bits of wisdom from his dad – but the one word answer Buddy gave to Sandy in the midst of a major shift in Sandy’s life is my favorite, and I have used it more than once on myself since I heard it. Nope, not sharing it now, you will need to listen. Most of all Sandy stresses that true success can only be found by following your heart. I know he will inspire you to follow yours.

A Simple Way of Being Joyful With Joyce Chapman

Do you journal? If so, you will love hearing what my guest – to me, the queen of journaling – Joyce Chapman, will share. If you have put off journaling, I can relate. It was not until I met Joyce that I found the value of it. Joyce journals everywhere, about everything. Her company is “Journaling For Joy”. Because, yes, that’s what she does, she journals for joy. If you are asking yourself, where am I in my life right now, and what is it I want, perhaps Joyce will inspire you in a journaling practice where you can find answers to your questions.

How To Live An Impossible Dream With Robert DeLaurentis

Do you believe that people can never really change? Perhaps you wish you could change, but everything you have tried has not worked. Then this episode is going to rock your world.
Flying Through Life author Robert DeLaurentis did just that. He transformed himself from a man who didn’t care, and steam rolled over everyone (his description), to one whose every action stems from compassion and understanding. Robert tells entertaining and engaging stories and shares specific examples about his transformation. But that’s not all he shares. If you have ever thought that spirituality and good profitable business can never be partners, he will change your mind about that too. Even if you think you are already the best you can be, Robert shows you how you can be even better, and live your impossible dream.

Sing Into Your Dreams With Lisa Dawn Miller

In this episode you will meet Lisa Dawn Miller. She is talented, beautiful, an amazing singer, and a powerful business woman. For a few years we were business partners. We had fun, we disagreed, and then learned from our differences. She showed me the value of learning how to code, and taught me, by demonstrating it, that saying no to what you don’t want is a good thing. Lisa is an artist that understands, embraces, and celebrates the art of business. She thinks outside the paradigm. She is not afraid to put out into the world what she wants to accomplish, and then she goes after it with a plan and by listening to her heart. She loves synergy and collaboration, and the outcome is beautiful. Even if you can’t sing and song, she will inspire you to sing your dream, which all of us can, and must do. Come with me and spend some time with this powerful woman as we shift the story … together…

Choose The Prosperity Of Purpose and Play With James Wanless

Meet James Wanless, the creator of the Voyager Voyager Tarot Deck – which he calls the GPS of the soul – a man who isn’t afraid of being called a spiritual warrior, or a child at play. He is a vastly experienced modern day alchemist with a solid academic and professional background. He weaves diverse traditions and ways of life – ancient and modern, east and west, scientific and esoteric into practical solutions with a visionary eye. James Wanless not only thinks outside the box, his universal, integrative, and expansive approach to life makes the box obsolete.

Retirement Is Not A Goal- STS17-Chellie Campbell

Thinking of retiring? Chellie asks why you would do such a foolish thing. Chellie also calls out Suzie Orman. I am with her 100 percent. See if you agree – it just might change what you do with the rest of your life. We also discuss how to educing financial stress, choose what makes you happy, going for it and head for faith not fear. You will be inspired!

Independent Means With Joline Godfrey

In this episode Joline Godfrey will take you on her journey of teaching the idea, and ways and means, of financial fluency. She began with the idea of helping girls at financial risk, and then kept on changing, and shifting, and expanding to come to where that idea is today. Helping families and financial creatives – meaning all of us – become financially fit. The goal – for all of us to experience what is meant by “independent means.” It’s different, it’s powerful, and Joline’s progress is inspiring. Listen to what she says about change, turning disaster into opportunity, and following your mission no matter what.

Who Are You Listening To With Raleigh Pinskey

Meet the dynamic Raleigh Pinskey. When I saw Raleigh years ago I knew right away she was someone I had to meet. I wasn’t surprised to find out that she was very famous in the world of PR. When you listen you’ll hear for whom she was the PR queen. Oh, the stories she could, and does, tell! Now I have the pleasure of introducing Raleigh to those of you who haven’t yet met her. And to those of you who already know Raleigh, you too will be delighted to hear Raleigh’s exuberant description of her life and its trials and tribulations, none of which have ever be able to suppress her joy, or keep her from sharing it with everyone she can possibly reach. Raleigh embraces the concept of shifting life stories with a passion. And did I say she is an extraordinary entertainer?

Moving Away From The Pity Party With Susan Gilbert

Susan Gilbert, is a master at the art of making shifts. Through out the years that I have known her – when we both lived in San Diego but met in New York – I have watched her transform the life she leads over and over again. Always with grace. She amazes me how easily she slips into each phase of her life. So different, and yet, it all hangs together. Susan begins this podcast by sharing with us the biggest shift of her life, one not chosen by her, but for her. Listen as she tells how she moved away from the pity party, and how two tragedies transformed the way she viewed the world – as a gift. As an Author, pilot, coach, while living with hens, horses, and her beloved dogs, Susan’s life is full and productive. With Susan, life is an adventure. How does she do it? In this Podcast she shares some of her secrets with us, useful, practical, and way inspiring.

Always The Right Direction With Lisa Bentson

Haven’t we all wondered, at one time or another, if we are traveling in the right direction, doing the right thing, or if it is time to change what we are doing. Follow Lisa Bentson as she explains her plans to change direction. Or is it really a change of direction? Perhaps its just another way to express herself. This answer may apply to you too! Lisa’s mother, Ali Lassen, was the creator and founder of Leads Club, the very first networking club of its kind. Back in the eighties, for a few years, I ran three of Ali’s Leads Clubs in San Diego, CA. What I learned working with Ali, and running the clubs, changed my life. Not long after I met Ali, Lisa joined her mom and she is now the capable owner of this international business. I never know what to expect when I talk to someone, and in this case I was wonderfully surprised to find that Lisa has a new path in mind, and one that I know many of you will be personally interested in. Her insights into making shifts should inspire us all into following our hearts without fear. Don’t forget – there is always a Shift Hack at the end…

Evolving Into More Of Yourself With Laura Moliter-STS8-Laura Moliter

Laura Moliter is an expert at making shifts. She begins each shift from a childlike trust, and then moves into allowing the universe to reveal the next best thing for her, greater than she can make happen on her own. Laura explains how she shifted from broadcast journalism, because even though it was her major, and she thought she wanted it, to something else that satisfied both her heart and her pocketbook. Following, being willing, listening to the answer in the pause, she moved from Wisconsin, to New York City,and then to Austin and discovered treasures in each place. Now she sings with her heart, and assists others in their return to the perfection of their true being as a Christian Science Practitioner. If you have always wanted to know what a practitioner sounds like, and what they do – this is your chance. Let Laura weave her magic and when she is done, you will have a clear path to how to evolve into more of yourself, with ease. Evolving into more of yourself will become the easy way!

Follow Who You Are – Be Authentic With Deb Ozarko

Deb Ozarko is passionate, outspoken, authentic, and an intense lover of life. This woman speaks direct from her heart, and in the process expands hearts all around her. Deb shares her story of grief and its affect, and how that impelled her to be more authentic and loving and become even more willing to follow the light wherever it takes her. She is fighting for all of us to wake up, and do something about what we see. She doesn’t hold back, and for that I am most grateful. Listen to Deb explain how she plans to leave the world a better place. I promise, you will be inspired!

Service To The Universe – STS4 – Pat Lynch

Pat Lynch has been serving others through the internet for over twenty years. She has developed and sustained one company after another all in the name of what she calls “service to the universe.” It’s the question she always asks herself first before beginning anything. Listen to Pat talk about how she keeps self talk down and how she changes past conditioning and beliefs that keep her from doing the most good she can do for people. Beginning with Women’s Radio her network of companies encompasses everything from Audio Acrobat (which I use, and don’t know what I would do without it) to her newest company Dedicated To You, which is all about food and water, but sounds like the subtitle to her life. Make a difference for the greater good, this is Pat’s north star. Pat knows all about the joys and hazards of consistently shifting, and in this podcast she shares how she does it, while being of service to as many people as possible.

Love and Your Soulmate – STS3 – Shannon Peck

With spiritual healing, love and your soulmate, and past life regression, Shannon Peck will inspire you to open the door to the good awaiting you. Filled with a passion and curiosity about all things spiritual, Shannon talks about opening the door to experiences that will change your life. Not afraid of change, always wanting most to know more about Love, and who we are, she shares her journey of finding love, for herself, and for others. She will take you through some of the hardest shifts of her life, and explain why they had to happen in order for more love to come her way. A spiritual healer, a guide to help you find love and your soulmate, and now a practitioner of past life regression, Shannon will uplift and inspire you to open the door to the good awaiting you, and say yes. Her voice alone will transport you to Soul, the place in which she dwells.

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