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Where does fear come from , what does fear produce, and how do we rise above it? In answering these questions Del and I explore the speed of light, the idea of freedom, the number 7, escape velocity, the world of thought, and relativity. And much more! Come with us as we discover ways to dissolve fear, which of course automatically shifts the story.

How can I make this better, and how does this feel to me? These are two questions my guest Lisa Vogt asks herself. Then she asks us, how do you use your voice, how do express yourself in the world? The point behind these questions is for us to explore how to live wholehearted, inspiring and daring lives. Lisa walks us through some of her life decisions as she chooses to live an inspiring life. Her shift stories are both familiar and encouraging to all of us desiring to fully live our purpose.

Frank Alberti figured out early in his life that no matter what happens, life shifts always bring something good. And as young as he is, he has had enough to prove his point. Frankie shares how he got through a brain tumor, why his band’s name Saturday Grim is really about being positive and joyous, and finding the gift in life’s shifts. Be yourself, and have fun is Frankie’s point of view. Plus, it’s good to be quirky. Listen to Frankie explain how he has found and applied this point of view to his life, and the results of that choice.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and you felt as if you have known them forever? That’s how I felt meeting Joanna Pieters. Joanna is warm, friendly, and an expert on creative resilience. She addresses the questions, What stops us from being creative? What is creative? Why do we want to be creative? In this Shift The Story podcast Joanna shares her insight into the interaction into being creative and being commercial, and the power of trust. You will probably feel as if you have known Joanna forever too. For sure she is helping us all shift the story together.

When life creates a vacuum, something better comes along to fill that hole. Yep! That point of view is what my guest Pamela Wilson, a self-professed lover of life shifting moments lives by.
In this Shift The Story podcast Pamela explains why she loves the concept of shifting and how it benefits her in her life and business. And Pamela’s business is all about teaching businesses (even the tiny ones)how to build their brand - and imagine this - make a profit! I have been a fan of Pamela for a long time, and whether you have a business or not, I think you will love how she looks at life and change, and how that point of view shifts her life!

Joseph Mbele understands and appreciates two entirely different cultures, and in doing so reminds us that what we think is normal, is not necessarily someone else’s normal. Understanding and appreciating this makes all the difference in having a peaceful global community. Joseph gives us a glimpse into his African culture, the idea of community, and the promise of learning from each other. As Joseph says, the understanding of other cultures will wake us up and see life differently. It’s a fascinating glimpse into how our differences can make us stronger.

Hope matters and you are not alone. Imagine how important these words are to to someone who has partner has died. Michele Neff Hernandez discovered how important these words mean when in one moment her life changed forever when her husband died. In this podcast, Michele shares how she has not only shifted her story but provides for millions, yes millions, of other widowed people. Every one of us either will be in grief or will want to help someone who is now in grieving. Michelle’s message on how to help practically and compassionately is one everyone needs to hear.

We all have thoughts about how we could have done things better. What if what you did was the perfect thing to do. Would it release you from shame, or guilt, or just wishing for things to be different. My guest Barbara St. Dennis does just that. She teaches how to shift the story into one that releases the desire of our hearts. Barb takes us into the world, of tapping, flower essences, herbs, and love for ourselves and our lives. We both agree - we have the right and the ability to shift any story into one that brings happiness and fulfillment. Come with us as we shift the story together.

"Your life is not broken, and we can prove it," is the motto of my guest Paul White. During this podcast Paul shares two stories that describes what happens when he begins with this premise. That is what Paul does. He rewrites stories and that changes lives. He says, it is not a fix. It is a return to what is true. Paul is definitely shifting the story of every life he touches.

Is it possible to work with bureaucracy to bring about the social changes we want to see? Can art be part of urban life? My guest Kauser Razvi says, "yes." Kauser believes government can work for social benefit, and she demonstrates what that looks like every day in her work and in her life. I heard Kauser speak at Creative Mornings in Cleveland, and was moved by both her business and personal message. I think you will be too.

If you have ever had the thought that it’s not possible to be a multidimensional person and express all your talents, my guest Gina Nemo will inspire you to think differently about that idea. Gina followed her famous father Henry Nemo into music but didn’t stop there. To name a few things - she is a poet, writer, speaker, musician, singer, songwriter, actress, producer, director, marketing executive, business owner, teacher, and mom. And yes, loves it all. Here’s Gina giving us some hints of how she does it.

When I asked Kyla Plaxton to be on the podcast, she told me she had a story to tell if I thought my listeners would want to hear it. My answer was "yes, " and that is what she does for the first part of this podcast. She is compelling in her honesty and transparency. Kyla found a way to rewrite a story that could have shut down her life, and instead opened it up to service and happiness.

Do the right thing. How many times have we heard this, and believe that this is exactly what we should do? But, what price would we pay to do it? You may not know who David Frakt is by name, but you will remember what he did, and after hearing this podcast, I know you will be even more grateful that he is out there always choosing to do the right thing.

Do you like simple, straightforward advice and suggestions, then my guest today will satisfy your craving.
Patty DeDominic has built three successful companies, sold two of them, and is taking what she learned and used it to coach others. Patty DeDominic, the owner of DeDominic & Associates in Santa Barbara, could be called a modern-day renaissance woman. She started two businesses from scratch — PDQ Personnel Services and CT Engineering — and then sold them and moved to Santa Barbara, a lifelong dream. By the end of the podcast, you will have heard three of Patty's guiding principles, a big do and a big don’t. There’s more than that, but I don’t want to give it away. Instead, let’s listen to Patty as she explains how she shifts the story.

Best known for his popular children’s picture book series, “The Rat Pack of Hollywood” which chronicles a pack of celebrity rats who embark on a music career. Michael is a former Ringling Brothers clown, Hollywood talent agent and a comedian. He has hung out with Michael Jackson, been invited to the White House and was the mastermind behind the “Eddie Haskell for President” campaign. In addition he has written a crime novel, “inTWINition of Murder.” Listen to Michael and learn how real life events inspired his life shifts and real life adventures.

Thou shalt not hold me back. Cynthia Dagnal-Myron made this her life statement. Using it, she has achieved the kind of life that is important to her, And it also helped her to survive life's hardships including a serious illness. I was inspired and moved by Cynthia's shift stories, especially her recent conversion to Catholicism. Cynthia shares her awareness that life loves her and what a difference that knowledge has made in her life. It's a beautiful shift choice for all of us.

Kara Gott Warner loves her job so much she can’t believe that she gets paid for doing it. Isn’t that something we all want to experience? For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with the idea that perception and choices determine what we experience. So, what perception and choices did Kara choose? What job is she doing that she loves so much? It just might be one that you like!

Have you ever heard someone say something from across a table, and you wanted to know more? That’s what happened when I heard my guest Karen Poirier-Brode speak. I heard enough to be intrigued. Karen was an OBGYM, and now she is doing a podcast on scrapbooking? How? Why? Karen has a wonderful shift story about choosing to say yes in order to move on from something she loved to something else. Did she find joy? How hard was it? Sometimes we get to choose our shift, and sometimes it chooses us. It’s what we do next that counts.

Although sometimes I build websites for clients, it’s on a small scale, so I wanted to find someone I could refer people to that I trusted and could work with. The day I decide to look for someone, I received a business email and one of the links in the information was to Raubi Perilli. I was delighted when I saw that Raubi was doing exactly what I would do if my primary business was putting small businesses online. I wrote to her, she wrote right back, we talked, and the rest is history. No, this podcast is not about building websites. It is about starting somewhere and allowing the steps to take you towards a life that expresses who you are.

BEFORE I EVEN STARTED the recording of this podcast, Daniel J. Lewis had given me a tip that will make every podcast I do from this point on better. And at the end, he gave me another. That’s what he does. He takes podcasts from average to amazing. Moving from average to amazing is not just about podcasting, it is about life. And, of course, there is a story behind this. Because Daniel didn’t start out being a podcaster, and along the way, he made some hard choices about what was right for him and his stress level. He learned how to say no to something to say yes to something better. We all could use this advice. So, let's listen to what Daniel has to say.

One day I heard that internal voice tell me to find Kate Potter. That was easy; her Namaste Yoga has been my go to practice since it first appeared on a TV show about ten years ago. What was much harder for me was asking her to be a guest on this podcast? Why would she say yes? I have adored her work, and therefore her, for years. But she did, and her story is even more incredible than I expected - which is saying A LOT! Kate shares her shift. It’s lovely, profound, and in the end deeply inspiring. If you haven’t yet heard of Kate, you are in for a treat. If you already know who she is, well, you wish I would just let Kate talk. Okay, here you go!

FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS in my registration package at a podcasting conference not to eat lunch alone, I spoke up and asked the beautiful woman getting ready to sit alone, if she would like to have lunch with me. For the next hour, Chel Hamilton and I shared some of our life stories and discovered that we had a common passion for shifting stories and sharing stories. Chel tells an amazing life story, and in this podcast, she shares many of the tools and ideas that she has used to turn her life around. know you will find them inspiring and life-changing.

DOES CHANGE ALWAYS BRING a gift? What if it is an unwanted change? Writer Nancy Christie answered that question for herself, and her answer will help all of us as we experience changes we would not have chosen for ourselves. In this podcast Nancy explains how she dealt with the anger she felt when she found out her mother had cancer. As a result, a new writing career opened up for her. That meant she had to find a way to overcome her shyness. Listen to how she not overcame it and found the blessing in change.

WHEN WE STARTED TALKING about money and perception, we immediately bonded. Deborah Williams as a CPA and me, as a used-to-be Certified Financial Planner discovered our shared point of view; the mistakes people make about money. About life. About day to day living because we forget what comes first. In this Podcast, Deb shares her [...]

RICHARD JONES SAID YES to ideas that completely changed his life, bringing it full circle into a life that he is thoroughly enjoying. He doesn’t only just say yes; he pro-actively asks if he can share. And that’s how I met him. I asked a Facebook group of podcasters if anyone had a story they wanted to share. Richard said yes he did - and I agreed! Here's what Richard told me: I recently had to make a major shift in my life. I worked for my hometown newspaper for 25 years. Things changed greatly in that time, and the job I thought I would have at this point in my career no longer exists as the newspaper got more corporate and eventually became managed out of town. So when they offered me a buyout two and a half years ago, I jumped at it. Since it came about suddenly, I had no idea what to do next. It's a story of how one thing leads to another, and how my interest in local history led me to develop the podcast, True Crime Historian, where I now have an international audience.

I met my guest Les Roberts at a writers retreat. An author with thirty-three books to his name, he was there to teach us how to write good characters. But, he did more than that. He shared marvelous stories that captured us all as we listened. He even played the piano one night while another writer sang beautifully.Les shares how he writes, why he writes, and the how and why of the shift he made to move from a successful career in Los Angeles to choosing to moving to Cleveland, Ohio. If you have ever thought about making a shift or two in your life, and worried about what the outcome might be … listen to Les, as we shift the story, together.

THE MOMENT I started listening to my guest Amy Harrison’s podcast I started smiling, and it never stopped. I became an immediate fan of her advice and her outlook on life. Amy lives and shares her creative ideas and joy as a copywriter, but it is so much more than that. Her life has taken many twists and turns but creativity and being happy are the guideposts. I bet you won’t be able to take the smile off of your face either as you listen to the wisdom and inspiration Amy shares as we shift the story together.

Years ago, when Del and I started thinking about making video’s for his business and then put them up on his website we were both completely stumped. We had absolutely no idea how to do it. So I did the obvious thing, I googled it, and was lucky enough to find my guest today who really, really, really knew how to do it. Not only that, he knows how to explain it. Who is this magic person? It’s Dave Kaminski, the founder of Web Video University. But, this podcast is not about making videos, it is about shifting stories, and Dave’s story about he built the life he wants to live can be applied to whatever you want to do. The primary key that he shares? Do it, and be it, with authenticity. No matter what kind of life you are designing for yourself, the tips Dave shares are powerfully effective!

Have you heard of Heaven Letters? If not, you will want to know all about them after listening to my guest today, Gloria Wendroff. Gloria and I have been internet friends for over 18 years so it was a great pleasure to hear her voice and her stories, and I know you will feel the same after listening to her. You’ll learn how she started writing heaven letters and teaching god writing. She even shares things that god wants us to know - that are incredibly powerful and freeing. You’ll have to listen to the very end to hear what God says about karma and forgiveness! It is most likely not what you expect. Sometimes you may have to listen very closely to hear Gloria, but it will be worth it. I promise.

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  • Just binged on two episodes and they didn't disappoint
    February 21, 2017 by The Walking Deb from United States

    I love Beca Lewis's perspective about what it means to shift your story and she introduces great guests who have shifted in a variety of ways. There's no one way to do it!!! I just listened to Kate Potter (9/12/16) and Barbara St. Dennis (2/13/17). Both of these ladies are holistic practitioners and healers. I'm always amazed by what I've never heard about even when I think I've heard it all.

  • Diane
    March 4, 2016 by Beca's Podcast from United States

    I have been thoroughly enjoying every one of Beca's podcasts. Each guest brings their unique experience and expertise and Beca asks wonderful questions so we can get a better and deeper understanding of that experience. Always a pleasure!

  • Shift the Story
    September 30, 2015 by BeautifulJourneys from United States

    Thanks Beca for these interviews with others making shifts in their story (sometimes big ones!) with grace and ease. It's helpful to hear what led them to change, their why's and how's.

  • Love Having These At My Fingertips!
    August 21, 2015 by Jet Tucker from United States

    So wonderful to listen to these. Expansive and helpful, and now, so easy to access!

  • What’s your story!?
    August 12, 2015 by Jamie Lewis Lykens from United States

    I love these podcasts so much! Each one offers another way to look at your life and gives ideas and the encouragement to make the changes, the shifts, that will make your life better. I highly recommend checking out these podcasts. You are sure to come away with some wonderful inspiration. I know I did!

  • The Secrets of August Revealed
    August 4, 2015 by LinnMoffett from United States

    Strongly resonated with this particular podcast due to my innate daily practice of listening to, watching, and silently speaking love to the universe that caresses us all. Found it did help to clarify minor aspects of thought that adjust and expand an already conscious idea - beautiful! Thank you Beca & Del!

    July 27, 2015 by MattMcWilliams from United States

    Shift The Story Podcast is awesome. Beca Lewis is doing a great job. Keep up the awesome!

  • Such an important message!
    July 13, 2015 by filledwithhope from Canada

    I’m so grateful to Beca for creating this podcast. Our world - inner and outer - is desperate for a new story based on the authentic soul of who we are. The box of cultural conditioning has hurt us all and it’s time for radical transformation. Thank you Beca for your authentic heart and love of truth. This is the greatest shift of all.

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