How To Leave A Podcast Review on iTunes

Six Step Easy Process to Leave a Podcast Review at iTunes

Step 1: Click here to go the iTunes Preview page for The Shift The Story Podcast.

NOTE: If you don’t yet have iTunes on your computer the links above will take you to a page download iTunes. Once you have done that, (and signed up for iTunes) come back and do these six steps.

Step 2: Click the “View in iTunes” button. It looks like this:


Clicking the View in iTunes link will launch iTunes and you’ll something like this:


Step 3: Click the Ratings and Review tab as I’ve highlighted in the image above.

Step 4: Rate the podcast by selecting 1 to 5 stars (If you enjoy the podcast please consider a 5 star rating)

Step 5: Write a brief, but honest review. (1 to 3 sentences)

Step 6: Click the Subscribe button. That way you will always see it in your podcast section. Plus it helps ratings …


Thanks for taking the time to review the podcast. It means a lot to me, and to the show. Just like with books, higher ratings mean greater discoverability.

But . . . unlike book reviews, it can take several days for reviews to appear on iTunes, so don’t be alarmed if yours doesn’t show up immediately. But do keep listening to the podcast so you can hear me thank you for your review on the next episode.

Plus! You might see your review flash by on the sidebar of this page.

Please know that I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to do this!!

Beca Lewis

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