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Written By Beca Lewis

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The Shift® Ezine will inspire you with its practical, clear, and yet radical shift of perception from a material point of view of life to the awareness of the Infinite, present now as your Life.

The How and Why and Purpose Of The Shift Ezine

I have been writing this Ezine about The Shift to Spiritual Perception, or Perception Rules, since 1998.

At first it was written to those few people that had taken The Shift®, or my family who were too polite to say,“don’t send this to me,” or a few close friends that love me no matter what.

Through the years the list has grown to a worldwide audience, and I continue to write The Shift® Ezine, because it calls me to do so.

Sometimes the Ezine is about a story that symbolizes something. Other times it is a point of view that needs to be addressed and shifted.

I never know.

I know that I have an Ezine to write, so I sit down to write it, and I am often as surprised and delighted as my readers.  I always learn something that clears up my life by starting with what is True.

You can expect to see the Ezine every other week, sometimes a bit longer, occasionally a bit sooner.

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Some Comments:

Hello Beca! I am amazed EVERY month at your writing-sometimes so provocative and profound that I have to look around to see if someone is WATCHING me???! Thanks for "keeping it coming"!!
Take care & God bless.~ Carola S Erb, California

Your wisdom is both a mirror of my own soulful journey, and a balm. Way to go, Beca!

As Maxwell Smart (the late Don Adams' character in Get Smart) used to say: "Thanks, Beca, I needed that."

:-) Namaste, Willy (a loyal "fan" of your perpetually refreshing, rejuvenating, re-connecting-to-Spirit reminders! You go, Girl!)

The Shift Ezine Premise Statement:
We understand that there are two modes of perception: state of mind and point of view. Accepting the unbreakable law that "what we perceive to be reality magnifies", we choose now a state of mind and point of view of Spiritual Perception.

We know that practicing this choice will reveal the Truth that we are all now Living in Grace.